10 Bachelorette Gift Ideas that Will Surely Touch the Bride’s Heart

Bachelorette Gift Ideas

Finding the ideal gift for the bride-to-be that suits her personality and the occasion can be a daunting task. At BachDoneRight, we have simplified this task for you by compiling a list of 10 bachelorette gift ideas.

From thoughtful, sentimental, memorable and sexy, these bachelorette gift ideas will create moments to treasure.

Bachelorette Gift Ideas


There is a reason why lingerie is a long-established gift at any bachelorette party! It’s fun, playful, cute, and sexy, and can be something for the bride to enjoy on the honeymoon or after the wedding! The classic color is often white, but you can go wild and try out different colors that the bride loves.

Not into super sexy lingerie? Try something customized with the bride’s new last name or a bridal robe. You can also gift the bride with a lingerie subscription to keep the perfect gifts coming!

Bachelorette Gift Ideas

Matching Bracelets

One of the ways to show how much you value your friendship with the bride is by selecting matching bracelets. With the bracelet as a reminder, she will always be grateful for the friends in her life, long after the wedding.

Bachelorette Gift Ideas

Beauty Box

Planning a wedding isn’t a walk in the park. It can take a toll on the bride and her skin. To help her relieve stress, the bridal squad can gift the bride with a bridal beauty bag filled with all the essentials for the bachelorette weekend! 

The beauty box should contain items that will pamper and brighten the bride’s skin like face masks, lotions, a silk sleep mask, silk scrunchies, lip mask, hair mask, and even facial spray

Bachelorette Gift Ideas

Personalized Tote Bag

A personalized tote bag is a perfect bachelorette party gift idea, as it will be very useful even long after the party. The bride can use it to carry things while traveling, spending a day at the pool, going to the market or even as a beach bag during the squad’s girls’ trip!

This bag comes with a variety of different customization options, so be sure to choose what you feel fits best! You can also give it to her with a few other accessories, such as a “wife of the party” beach towel and bride sun hat for a full beach kit!

Bachelorette Gift Ideas


Notebooks are an ideal bachelorette gift idea, especially if the bride loves to journal, write, and is the sentimental type. Sometimes, jotting down our feelings and the events in our lives captures the moments better than talking.

A beautiful notebook is a great way for the bride to write her thoughts, feelings, hope, and dreams as she plans this major life milestone. 

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The bachelorette party guests can write a thoughtful note on the first page, sharing their love and appreciation for the bride and wishing her the best for this next adventure in her life.

Thoughtful Keepsake

Bachelorette Gift Ideas

A thoughtful keepsake is a great bridal gift because of its sentimental value. This could be a framed photo of all of you together, a bridal photo album of some of your favorite memories, or a signed picture and frame with good wishes for the bride! 

Bachelorette Gift Ideas

Gag Gifts

A gag gift is always a fun time at a bachelorette party! However, before gifting a bride with this kind of gift, make sure that it’s something that suits her personality and will be well-received!

A few sexy gag gift examples? Vibrators, sex games, and edible underwear are all sure to bring some excited laughter!

Bachelorette Gift Ideas

An Instant Camera

A Fujifilm instant camera is a great gift that you can use during the bachelorette party, at the wedding, and even afterward! Make sure to grab some extra film, as you’ll be snapping away! 

You can even compile the images in a photo book for the bride as a keepsake! 

Bachelorette Gift Ideas

Drinking Glasses

It’s likely you’ll be drinking during the bachelorette party (we’ll let you decide how much!). Gift the bride with some personalized glassware like these wedding champagne flutes, bride wine glasses, or bridal insulated tumblers

This gift will be appreciated long after the bridal party, especially if the bride loves parties and hosting. 

Customized Robes

Bachelorette Gift Ideas

Customized robes are a classic bachelorette gifting idea. They are a good way of not only appreciating the bride, but also having fun and matching with her girls. 

These will be fun during the bachelorette party, but can also be for getting ready on the wedding day, and relaxing afterward! Who knows, these might even become everyone’s favorite robe!

Let’s get the party started!

A bachelorette party is not your everyday party for guests, and it’s a once-in-a-lifetime event for the bride. Our 10 bachelorette gift ideas are sure to bring happy tears to the bride’s eyes and create a night to remember.

If this is your first bachelorette party, you’ve probably got a heap of questions. Check out these common first-timer questions made simple!

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