How to Throw a Vegas Bachelorette Party

Las Vegas is made for the love-struck night owl: a.k.a., your favorite bachelorette! For those who love the nightlife, this iconic city is one of the best bachelorette party destinations in the US. 

With our budget-friendly tips in mind, a Las Vegas bachelorette party doesn’t have to mean a weekend of lost wages. Read on for all the deets on how to get to Vegas, coupled with fun bachelorette party ideas to celebrate the love of a lifetime. 

Vegas bachelorette party

How to get to Las Vegas

You’ve purchased group tickets to a classic Las Vegas show, made dinner reservations, and uncovered the sparkliest from the back of your closet. Still, the question remains: what’s the best way to get to Las Vegas?

By air

Visitors usually fly into the Harry Reid International Airport (LAS), which is just a few miles away from the Strip. Because Harry Reid is the most popular, it’s also the busiest. If you’re looking for a lower-key arrival, consider flying into the North Las Vegas Airport, which is usually less busy and located about 16 minutes from the Strip by car.

Try to book your flights early! The best bachelorette party destinations are busy year round – and the airlines know it. According to Hopper, travelers can save up to $200 by booking their Las Vegas flights 14 days in advance. If you can swing it, flying to Las Vegas on a Sunday and returning on a Tuesday is usually the cheapest. 

By car

Time for a road trip! If you’re driving to Las Vegas, plan for scenic views – and plenty of car snacks – along the way. And remember: the party starts as soon as you start driving! Make sure the drive is part of the fun!  

By car, Vegas is about 4 hours from Los Angeles, 4.5 hours from Phoenix, 6 hours from Salt Lake City, and just under 6 hours from San Diego. 

Vegas bachelorette party

Traveling to Las Vegas: other things to know!

In terms of price, Las Vegas flights are typically the most expensive in February, March, and June, and the lowest in October and August. The best time to visit Las Vegas is usually March to May or September to November, when you can avoid the sweltering Nevada heat. 

Heat-sensitive hikers, take note: the area surrounding Las Vegas is deceivingly beautiful – and at times, alarmingly hot! It may be chilly in the morning and evening but plan for a significant heat increase during the middle of the day. 

If you visit during a cooler month and rent a car (more on that, next!), consider trekking to the Red Rock Canyon, which is located about 25 miles west of the Las Vegas Strip. This hidden gem features a one-way 13-mile drive and ample hiking trails.

Getting around in Las Vegas

Whether you’re flying or road-tripping to Sin City, you’ll need to know how to get around once you’re there. A few easy options:

Taxi: According to a 2019 Los Angeles Times report, a Las Vegas taxi is the most expensive form of transportation. To travel from the Flamingo Hotel & Casino (located on the Strip) to the Plaza Hotel & Casino in the heart of downtown, a taxi cost $24.69 for a 14-minute, 6.5-mile trip. 

New Yorkers, take note: there’s no hailing in Las Vegas! You’ll have to wait at a hotel taxi stand to hitch a ride.

Rental Car – or Limo! Rental cars give you the freedom to cruise the Strip at your own pace or visit destinations off the beaten path. If hiking is on the bachelorette party agenda, a rental car may be the most practical option. Many of the major hotels offer free parking, so you’ll be set there.

If you want the ultimate Vegas experience, consider renting a limo for a night! Presidential Limo, a popular Vegas limo provider, offers a minimum 1.5-hour limo service at $140/hr for a party of 12. Not bad for a once-in-a-lifetime transportation experience!

Ride-Share Apps: Rides with services like Uber and Lyft are readily available in the Vegas area, and they’re especially useful when you’re exhausted from those late-night shenanigans. Keep in mind that even though you may only be going to one or two hotels down the street to your next location, the hotels are massive! If you’re wearing that killer heals, it might be worth hailing a ride. 

Bus: At only $6 for a two-hour bus pass, a Vegas city bus is easy on the budget. Vegas buses regularly stop at popular points along the Strip and in Downtown Las Vegas. While the bus is slower, it’s an ultra-accessible option, with some buses (like the Deuce) available 24 hours a day. 

Las Vegas Monorail: The Monorail might be the Holy Grail of Vegas transportation. It follows a 3.9-mile route behind the major resorts and costs only $5 for a single ride and $13 for a 24-hour pass. Tuesday through Thursday, you can ride from 7 am – 2 am; Friday through Sunday, the time extends to 3 am, while Monday trips end at midnight. 

The one drawback: there’s a considerable distance between the casinos and Monorail stations. In addition to your heels, you might want to pack a pair of walking shoes or comfortable flats. 

Electric Bikes: With services like Bike Share, you can electrify your ride – and work your calves – with an electric bike! In Downtown Vegas alone, there are 200 cruisers available 24/7. With the standard Dasher Pass, riders get 24 hours of bike access for only $5 a day.

Vegas bachelorette party

Where to stay in Las Vegas

A better question: where not to stay in Las Vegas? The city offers some of the grandest hotels in the U.S., but also has some really affordable options (they want you to spend your money on food and entertainment). Most bachelorette parties stay somewhere along the Strip, where top-tier entertainment and eats are all within walking distance. 

Before booking your digs, you should know: most Las Vegas hotels and casinos charge a daily resort fee in addition to the cost of hotel rooms booked. Also, know that you will find huge cost savings on weeknights rather than weekend stays. 

Here are some of the best resorts to eat, sleep, and party in Vegas:

$: Budget-Friendly Options

  • The STRAT Hotel, Casino & SkyPod: Located on the northern end of the strip, the STRAT is only two miles away from the central Strip and Fremont Street in Downtown Vegas. Rooms start under $100 per night and for a daily resort fee of $39.95, the STRAT offers spacious rooms, a pool, a microbrewery, and half-price admission to the Observation Tower for guests. 
  • The Luxor: At the Luxor, expect to do anything but sleep! Guests can easily attend some of the best shows in Las Vegas. As part of the MGM Resorts conglomerate, this resort provides ample entertainment: this year alone, guests can purchase tickets to see America’s Got Talent, Carrot Top, and the Titanic Artifact Exhibition. Rooms start under $100 per night and the daily resort fee is $35.

$$: Mid-Tier Options

  • Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel and Casino: Your bachelorette party will love this classic Vegas hang, which is conveniently located in the central Strip. Rooms start around $120 per night and the $45.30 resort fee includes access to a 15-acre Caribbean-style pool, a gourmet steakhouse, and a bustling casino, which is a favorite among Vegas regulars.
  • The MGM Grand is a Las Vegas namesake. Rooms start around $150 per night and the $39 resort fee covers a generous range of amenities, award-winning restaurants, and world-class entertainment (coming soon: Cirque du Soleil!). 

$$$: Splurge Options

  • Paris Las Vegas: You’re celebrating love: why not stay in a resort inspired by the City of Love and Lights? The resort is a short walk away from most of the main sights. Rooms start at around $175 per night and the resort fee is $45.95 per room. This covers various Parisian perks: guests can dance in the nightclub, dine in the Parisian crèperie, or swim under the faux-Eiffel Tower.
  • The Bellagio: Even if you haven’t been to Vegas before, you’ve probably heard of the Bellagio. This European-inspired resort is one of the largest on the Strip and overlooks a Mediterranean-blue lake. The hotel boasts a $100-million collection of Picasso paintings, as well as countless places to eat, shop, party, and chill: in the luxury cabana, to be precise! Rooms start at around $280 per night and the resort fee is $45.

Pro tip: Las Vegas hosts numerous conventions throughout the year, which can drive up both room and flight rates. Before planning your bachelorette bash, check out the convention calendar created by the Las Vegas Tourism Board. This schedule can help you judge when the resorts might be especially full – or offering sweet room deals! 

Best Things to Do in Las Vegas

For brides who want a little bit of everything, Las Vegas is one of the best bachelorette party destinations in the US. 

You might brush shoulders with a celeb one day, then go hiking in a rugged landscape the next. Regardless of how you plan your Vegas bachelorette party, here are some of the best things to do with budget, fun, and personality in mind!

$: Budget-Friendly Options

  • Girl’s Night: Once you’ve booked your hotel, take full advantage of your luxurious room! Host a low-cost Girl’s Night complete with snacks, board games, movies, face masks, and a beverage (or two), without even leaving the hotel. You’re never too old for a sleepover party. 
  • SkyPod Observation Deck: Whether or not you choose to stay at the STRAT Hotel, the resort’s observation deck is a low-cost experience for any curious and courageous tourist. General admission costs $20 and only $12 for hotel guests. 
  • Fountains of Bellagio: The Bellagio is known for its fountains, which offer a full fountain show every 15-30 minutes from noon to midnight. The best part: it’s free!

$$: Mid-Tier Options

  • Roller Coaster Rides: If the bride is a thrill-seeker, you can’t skip Las Vegas’ famous thrill rides. Plan your meals accordingly, then purchase your roller coaster tickets. Some of the best rides include the Adventure Canyon, the Big Shot, and Desperado, which is one of the tallest roller coasters in the U.S. and reaches speeds of close to 90 mph. 
  • Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art: You’re in Las Vegas: it’s time to get fancy. Admission to this Las Vegas art gallery costs $18; once inside, you’ll see work by Monet, Warhol, and other world-renowned artists. 

$$$: Splurge Options

  • Splurge on a suite: While we’ve already covered some of the top resorts in Las Vegas, some bachelorette parties might prioritize an extra-glam suite experience. If you’re feeling fancy, you might consider the penthouse suite at the Bellagio (starting around $1,500 per night) or the Sky Villas at the Palms. 
  • Front row seats: If you’re in Vegas for the show of a lifetime, you may as well go all-out. Even if you’re splurging on front-row seats, there are still ways to score a deal: most Las Vegas shows have a phone number for “group sales”; if you call that number, you might get a cheaper rate than the one advertised online.
  • Eat like a queen: Foodies, take note: Las Vegas offers some delicious eats! Classy joints like The Cosmopolitan and Sinatra will feed you well, but party planners should be proactive about making reservations. Plan early, and you’ll eat well later! 
Vegas bachelorette party

Let’s get party!!

Whether you splurge on fine dining, a show on the Strip or the classic casino experience, a bachelorette party in Vegas will be as fabulous as the city itself.

Planning your first bachelorette party? We got you, girl! Check out our Bachelorette 101 guide for a perfect party that will surprise everyone. In case you want to explore other options as well, we suggest you visit our Austin and Nashville guides for more.

We hope you enjoy your Vegas bachelorette party!  We’d also love to see pictures from your trip – make sure to tag @BDR on Instagram!

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