The Best 21 Bachelorette Party Games Ideas

No bachelorette party is complete without fun games, laughter, and maybe even a few tears. Make sure those tears are from nostalgia and great times, and not boredom! Get the hashtags ready, and dive into these 21 fun bachelorette party games ranging from classic to crazy.

Ice Breaker Bachelorette Party Games

fun bachelorette party games

#1 Bridin’ Dirty

Bridin’ Dirty comes with 50 Talk cards filled with quirky icebreakers to get all the gals cackling. Follow those with the Drink cards and once everyone is alcohol-lubed, move to the Dare cards. This is a great game for friends that have all known each other for a long time, or a mixed group that is getting to know each other during the party!

#2 Pin the Junk on the Hunk

Life hack: if you’re holding a plastic penis in your hand, you will laugh. When you’re laughing, you’re guaranteed to break the ice! For those reasons, Pin the Junk on the Hunk is one of our top bachelorette party game picks for getting the bachelorette party started.

#3 Bridal Truths

What’s the one thing that’s brought everyone to the bachelorette party, the one thing everyone in the room has in common? The bride, of course! 

How to play:

  1. The party organizer will write a list of questions of 20-30 questions ranging from the wild (how many people did she sleep with before she met her future husband?) to the hilarious (what does the bride think the groom’s most gross habit is?).
  2. Break into even-numbered teams. Award points to the team with the funniest wrong answers and the most correct answers!

#4 Balloon Bump

Looking for a game that will make everyone laugh, feel awkward, and break the ice all in one go? You’re looking for The Balloon Bump game.

How to play:

  1. Set a timer. We recommend 2-3 minutes.
  2. Bachelorette party-goers must burst as many balloons as they can in that allotted time, but they can’t use their hands. Instead, they must aggressively hump and bump the balloons between each other!

Drinking Bachelorette Party Games

fun bachelorette party games

#5 Prosecco Pong

Remember the college nights of boozy beer pong parties? Bring those days back but with champagne, the water of weddings. Make it easy with this $16 Prosecco Pong kit, which includes plastic champagne coupes and ping pong balls! Instead of beer, use champagne, prosecco or your wine of choice.

#6 Truth or Drink

Any good drinking bachelorette party game is designed to bring out the truth. To play Truth or Drink, create a list of funny, awkward, and raunchy questions and have the bachelorette crew choose between telling the dirty details or taking a drink.

#7 Shot Roulette

This bachelorette drinking game isn’t for the light drinkers (although it can be by substituting liquor for champagne or seltzer). For a booze-free version, use mocktails!

How to play:

  1. Purchase a bunch of mini-shot bottles in different flavors, brands, and genres of liquor. Some might look appealing, some might not, that’s half the fun!
  2. Arrange the minis in a big circle, with one bottle in the middle.
  3. Take turns spinning the middle bottle, and take a shot of whatever it points to.

#8 Drink When You Hear It

Every bachelorette party needs a good playlist, so why not take it a step further and design a drinking bachelorette party game around it? 

How to play:

  1. Pick a fun but repetitive song, and gather the girls in a circle.
  2. Drink every time the song repeats the exact same words or phrases. So if you use “Tipsy” J-Kwon, you’d drink every time you hear the word ‘tipsy.’ 

These are our top picks for a Drink When You Hear It playlist:

  • Thunderstruck” by AC/DC
  • Red Red Wine” by UB40
  • Brass Monkey” by Beastie Boys
  • Roxanne” by The Police
  • Single Ladies” by Beyoncé

#9 Name the Poison

This bachelorette party drinking game requires some prep time, but we promise you it’s worth it!

What you need:

  • Enough blindfolds for every player
  • A timer
  • A variety of beverages, including non-alcoholic drinks like water or soda, juice, cocktails, and shots

How to play:

  1. Players sit in a circle blindfolded. 
  2. The host passes them different drinks to smell and take small sips. Every 30 seconds, the drink is passed to the next player.
  3. When a player guesses the drink correctly, they score a point.

Card Bachelorette Party Games

fun bachelorette party games

#10 For the Girls

For the Girls is the trendiest bachelorette party game on the market right now for girl nights. Easy to grab from Amazon, For the Girls is the perfect party night card game. 

How to play:

  1. Players roll the dice and choose a card.
  2. Partygoers will read the card aloud and perform whatever action is on the card. Some cards require the whole group to participate.
  3. The party member with the most cards at the end wins!

#11 Tell Me Without Telling Me

What started as a social media trend is now a playable card bachelorette party game perfect for the occassion. 

How to play:

  1. Players divide into teams. 
  2. Each player chooses a card and must act out what the card says while their team members guess the word. 
  3. Use one of 3 ways to “tell” what your card says: Show Don’t Tell, One Syllable, or Freestyle. 
  4. The team that guesses the most cards correctly, wins!

#12 Family Feud: Bachelorette Party Edition

For the bride that loves Family Feud and other game shows, there is now Family Feud: Bachelorette Edition, adults-only questions, too wild for TV! The kit comes with:

  • 50 face-off questions
  • 50 fast money cards
  • 1 dry-erase scoreboard and markers

Printable Bachelorette Party Games

fun bachelorette party games

#13 Bachelorettes Against Humanity

Does the name ring a bell? This game is Cards Against Humanity, the bachelorette party version!

#14 Scavenger Hunt

This classic bachelorette party game has been made printable. A bachelorette party Scavenger Hunt is a perfect, versatile option that you can use for a night out or design your own to use at home.

#15 Drink If

We love a good spin on a classic drinking game. This printable Drink If game comes with customizable templates for extra laughs!

#16 Dirty Minds

Print out Dirty Minds, then have the party peeps answer the riddles without sounding too ‘dirty.’ The player with the most correct answers gets a prize! 

#17 Bachelorette Charades 

Cute and easy to use, these bachelorette charades cards are the perfect printable party game. Charades is a bachelorette game that seems to get easier the more you drink (or does it? you tell us!).

#18 Bachelorette Taboo Card Game

Another adults-only take on a fun game from puberty: Taboo. We love that this bachelorette taboo card game comes with a customizable PDF to make your own cards.

Board Bachelorette Games

fun bachelorette party games

#19 Tipsy Land

If your bride loved the childhood game Candy Land, then the adult version, Tipsy Land, will be an instant hit. Relive the fun of the original game with your bachelorette party, with the added fun of drinks!

#20 Level Up Bachelorette Board Game

This bachelorette party game will give you major nostalgia as you reminisce over good times. With instructions like ‘tell the bride what you love most about her’ and ‘group selfie,’ you’ll be making warm memories with your bachelorette crew.

#21 Cornhole Drinking Game for Outdoors

This is the drinking version of the classic pub game Cornhole. Bonus: You can re-use the board for nearly any party!

We hope this list of 21 games helps add some spice to your bachelorette weekend and score some points wins for the bride tribe or party guests. These can be played as bridal shower game, too. Cruise over to our other guides, including How to Plan a Bachelorette Party, How to Pick a Bachelorette Party Theme, and 10 Bachelorette Party Game Ideas

We’d love to see pictures of the games you chose! Don’t forget to tag @BDR on Instagram for a chance to be featured!

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