How to Add Sparkle and Class to a Wine-Themed Bachelorette Party

A wine-themed bachelorette party is a wonderful idea for a final get-together with the bride-to-be and her friends. Wine is such a popular drink that you’re sure to find one to suit everyone in your squad’s taste. There are even some non-alcoholic versions available.

The evening is probably the most suitable time for a wine-themed bachelorette party. It is one of the most dynamic events in terms of location, so you can host it in your home, a nearby bar and restaurant, or even at an outdoor location.

This article will give tips to help you organize a thrilling event. These include party names, decorations, music, games, food, and drink ideas.

wine-themed bachelorette party

Ideas and Decorations for Your Wine-themed Bachelorette Party

Displaying wine glasses on tables is a classic decorative touch to your wine-themed bachelorette party plan, but there’s a lot more to creating a memorable bachelorette party theme. These include a party name to personalize your event, decorations to make it beautiful and create a theme, and music to entertain your guests.  

Party name ideas for your wine-themed bachelorette party

What’s the significance of a name? A well-chosen bachelorette party name sets the tone for the event and makes it easier to recall the event in the future. Ensure you select a wine-themed bachelorette party name that tells the guests what to expect. The following criteria can help you come up with an appropriate name.

  • Let the name echo the wine theme
  • Assure your guests of unlimited fun
  • Use some wedding-related sayings
  • Consult the bride-to-be and the other bridesmaids to ensure it suits everyone

Examples of names to assign your event include:

  • We’re on cloud wine
  • Wed, white and boozed
  • Vino before vows
  • Cheers my dears
  • Partners in wine 
wine-themed bachelorette party

How to Decorate a Wine-themed Bachelorette Party

Shopping for decorations can be a time-consuming exercise. With plenty of other roles to attend to, or perhaps this being your first time organizing such a party, you may be bewildered by numerous choices and not know where to start. Luckily, we’re here to help.

wine-themed bachelorette party

The room 

Whether you’re hosting the event in your home or a hotel suite, decorating the room can make your party more glamorous and create a theme thread. You can use a vino before vows banner, burgundy and rose gold decorations kit, and champagne bottle balloon kit. Rose gold fringe foil curtain is a great adornment and a suitable backdrop for photos.

wine-themed bachelorette party

The featured table

The main table is the center of focus at a wine-themed bachelorette party. While it may be already lined up with various wine brands, decorating the table captivates your guests throughout the ceremony. Table toppers and disco ball cups are spectacular adornments at a winery bachelorette party. 

You can also line the table with personalized wine glasses engraved with each girl’s name or other related memes. Hand-painted wine glasses are also suitable. The girls can take the glasses home after the party for a lasting memory.

wine-themed bachelorette party


If there will be many guests at your event, consider using several tables with four to six guests at each one. To keep everyone organized before and after drinking, it is essential to use seating charts so that they sit at their designated positions. The seating charts can also double up as part of the decorations. Ensure your seating arrangement allows enough space for everyone to navigate to their seats.

wine-themed bachelorette party

Lighting and mood

Your choice of lighting can create a breathtaking sight for the wine-themed bachelorette party and vitalize your guests’ mood. You can go the extra mile to showcase your creativity with wine bottle lights, LED light-up party cups, or disco ball foil balloons.

Plenty of lighting is a great idea for a wine-themed bachelorette party to ensure the wine sparkles in the glasses. 

wine-themed bachelorette party


It goes without saying that decorating the entryway will help you create lasting first impressions. Although your choice depends on your budget, a banner sign garland and champagne bottle garland arch kit are some of the considerations.

wine-themed bachelorette party

Music and playlists

Music is an essential enhancement in any ceremony, and a wine-themed bachelorette party requires a thoughtful selection of lively music. You can add this playlist to entertain your guests.

wine-themed bachelorette party

Games and Activities

A bachelorette party wouldn’t be complete without some activities and games to bring everyone together. Here’s our run-down of the best games and entertainment for your wine-themed bachelorette party.


With plenty of time to spend together, playing games can help strengthen the friendship bond and keep people engaged throughout the event. Try these wine-themed games with your crew!

Vino before vows – This game includes 22 cards with unique dares on each. Although there’s drinking involved, the dares are fairly clean, so it’s a game you can play with guests of all ages.

Drink if game – This game starts with 24 wine glass-shaped cards, each with a different challenge, such as “Drink if you have kids”. It’s an adults’ game to entertain your guests all night long.

Shot Glass Roulette – A fun-soaked adult game to enjoy away from the casino without putting anyone’s money on the line. It’s a group game designed for 2-8 players. While the original version is designed to be used with spirits, you can fill the shot glasses with different wines to cater to the theme.

Bingo cards and markers – Wine bingo cards and markers are decorated with wine glasses and wine-related words replacing numbers.

Vino before vows-selfie scavenger hunt – This game has 12 cards with selfie prompts for group or individual play. It’s an enjoyable game where each selfie task earns a point.

Other activities

Dive deep into the wine theme with a field trip! Depending on where you are, this could involve touring some of the California wine regions or New York’s Finger Lakes. You can also tread some wine trails into notable wine regions such as Willamette Valley, Oregon or Texas Hill Country.

You can incorporate horseback riding, golfing, hiking, or visiting your favorite beach if the weather is conducive.

A winery bachelorette party is the fountain of utmost convenience without tight restrictions. Make your schedule flexible for adjustments if more intriguing ideas crop up or some guests are late.

Book your wine tours and wine-tasting destinations early or during the off-season to avoid the high demand and secure a spot.

wine-themed bachelorette party

Food and Drink Ideas 

The food and drink list for a wine-themed doesn’t have to be complicated. 


Provide different cheeses that pair well with the available wines. For example,

Cheese Wine 
Blue, Camembert, washed rindCabernet sauvignon
Gouda, Swiss, Port SalutPinot noir
Brie, Beaufort, EdamChampagne 
Cheddar, Gorgonzola, BrieMerlot 

Offer a variety of cured meats on a wooden chopping board garnished with fresh herbs to make them more enticing. You can also offer fresh bread spread with olive oil or gourmet chocolate and plenty of fruits, including grapes and olives.

wine-themed bachelorette party


Provide different wine types such as champagne, pinot noir, merlot, cabernet sauvignon, chardonnay, sparkling rose, etc. You can buy in bulk to have enough for wine tastings and refreshments. If you’re on a budget, simply choose a couple of red varieties, a couple of white, one bubbly, and one non-alcoholic. 

Remember to provide plenty of water. People require large amounts of water after a drinking spree. If you are doing a wine-tasting event, you can also provide palate cleansers such as white bread cubes and sparkling water.

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A Wine-Themed Bachelorette Party to Remember!

A wine-themed bachelorette party is perfect for reuniting with old friends living far apart. Planning a bachelorette party can be stressful, but the tips in our wine-themed bachelorette party guide above will help you organize an awesome event.

Remember to make arrangements for transport to the party, wine tours, and guests’ accommodation after the event, so that nobody is tempted to drive after their wine-tasting adventure. Want more tips for planning a bachelorette party? Check out our Bachelorette Party 101!

Take plenty of photos to revive this day’s memories for many years. We’d love to see pictures from your party – don’t forget to tag us on Instagram @BDR if you found this wine-themed bachelorette party guide helpful!

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