90s Themed Bachelorette Party: Go Back in Time with a Blast!

If you love playing dress-up, especially at a themed bachelorette party, then a 90s-themed bachelorette party is in your future! The 90s saw major innovations from technology to fashion and even a new wave of music, and is a great theme for a bachelorette party. 

Brightly colored decorations, hair scrunchies, and baggy jeans rocked the world, as did music from groups like the Spice Girls and Backstreet Boys. In this guide, we round up all you’ll need to know to throw a 90s-themed bachelorette party. 

90s themed bachelorette party

Ideas and Decorations

The success of your 90s bachelorette party lies partly in how well you can recreate the style of the 90s. This would require the right name, decorations, and music to set the 90s mood you need for the party, and we’re here to help!

Party Name Ideas

Let’s nail this down first. What are you going to call the party? Make sure the name sums up what people are going to be expected to do at the event.

Is there a particular part of the decade you want to focus on? You can have a Britney Spears Bachelorette Bash, a 90s Neon Night Out, a Scrunchie Queens Cocktail Party, or a Spice Girls Celebration. 

What’s in a name? A lot. This tells people what to wear, what to bring, and what’s going to be happening on your bride-to-be’s big night. It likely also sets the tone for your bachelorette party hashtags for sharing on social media.

A few 90s bachelorette party ideas for name:

  • 90s Neon Night Out: This name spells the party out for the crew as a fun-filled night with lots of bright colors. With this name, they can plan their outfits and the accessories that fit right into the theme.
  • Spice Girls Celebration: A party with this name needs no further explanation to the bridal gang on what to wear to the party. Even the food served at a Spice Girls celebration can fit the name. Of course, the party won’t be complete without a round of karaoke with some classic Spice Girls bangers.
90s themed bachelorette party

How to Decorate

Looking for decorative ideas to get your 90s-themed bachelorette party popping? We’ve got you covered.

90s themed bachelorette party

The Room: Wall and Windows

The walls and windows are a great place to start your 90s palooza. Old CDs make for a great decoration, and you can easily create an entire accent wall (you may have old CDs of your own, or you can pick them up at a secondhand shop). They can be scratched and don’t need to work – they’re a decoration!

Polaroid pictures, music and movie posters, and glow sticks will help round out the decorations! And every 90s party needs a gold chain balloon garland. (Bach to the 90s balloon banner, anyone?) You can also buy a set of 90s decorations if you don’t have any retro items.

90s themed bachelorette party

The Featured Table: Trays and Tableware

The table decorations you use, from the tablecloths to the dishes, should also incorporate the theme. You can get this set of tableware to serve up to 16 people, and accessorize with 90s throwback confetti

90s themed bachelorette party


Create a customized 90s-themed name card for each person to know where they are to sit. You can find it at most party supply stores.

Lighting & Mood: table

Want to get really funky? Decorate your table with lava lamps to set the lighting tone! These 90s paper lanterns are also perfect for decorating above the table. 


At the entryway, you can go all out with a Back to the 90s balloon banner, a 90s-themed balloon arch, and even some 90s hanging streamers.

90s themed bachelorette party

Music and Playlist

If you want to go all out, you can hire a 90s cover band or a DJ to play your favorite mix of 90s music all night long. If you want a more low-key option, build a playlist with some of your favorite 90s jams (you can even ask each guest to chime in with a few of their picks). 

Here are a few playlists to get you started:

90s themed bachelorette party

Games and Activities

Here are our top picks of 90s games and activities that will spice up your themed bachelorette party.

  • Cards Against Humanity 90s Nostalgia Pack: Use the throwback pack (in conjunction with the Cards Against Humanity base game) to bring back memories of pop culture moments like “I’m too sexy for this shirt,” and Doug’s crush, Patti Mayonnaise. 
  • Test Your 90s Trivia: Test your trivia skills with the Hella 90s Pop Culture Trivia Game. Flash back to the decade that is all that and a bag of chips!
  • MASH: We all remember the classic MASH game, right? Well there is now an adult spin on the iconic game with MASH, a fortune-telling adult party game.  
  • 90s-Themed Photo Booth: Create a photo booth propped with all your favorite 90s posters, props and decorations. You can get all glammed up like da chics and take pictures in the booth with your smartphones, or go all out and take photos with a polaroid camera.
  • Host a Retro Video Games Competition: Gather all your old video games, shake the dust from them and see who remembers the controls best. Remember Super Mario Kart and Sonic the Hedgehog?
90s themed bachelorette party

Food & Drinks

Of course we’re going to carry the theme into the food and drinks! Get a taste of the 90s with the following foods and drinks, or curate your list of throwback favorites to try out.


  • Bagel Bites: Nuff said. Remember eating those tiny bagels that were somehow always lava-level hot right out of the microwave? If you’re feeling fancy, you can arrange the bite-size snacks on a tiered appetizer stand
  • Hot Pockets: While we’re talking about lava-hot food, break out the Hot Pockets!
  • Fruit Gushers: no 90s party is complete without these iconic treats!
  • Lunchables: remember these from the cafeteria lunchroom? 
  • Dunkaroos: an easy snack to take on the go, get ready for dunking!


  • Dirty Martini: There was just something about seeing a businessman order a dirty martini in a bulky black power suit that screamed, “90s movie!” A Dirty Martini includes gin, vermouth, an olive garnish and a splash of salty brine.
  • Juice Pouch Cocktails: You can make Capri Suns for adults! They are super super cute and convenient to carry around at a party.
  • SunnyD: Go for the original flavor of this 90s soft drink to provide a non-alcoholic throwback option for your bachelorettes. 
  • Mello Yello: Feeling extra nostalgic? Grab a Mello Yello!
90s themed bachelorette party

To infinity… and beyond!

Your 90s-themed bachelorette party is a great time to bring back fun childhood memories and take a blast to the past. Hopefully this guide has sparked some inspiration and you’re ready to party!

We’d love to see pictures from your party – don’t forget to tag us on Instagram @BDR if you found this 90s-themed bachelorette party guide helpful!

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