The Complete Guide to a Cowgirl Themed Bachelorette Party

If you aim to surprise your squad for the bride’s last ride, a party with a wild west concept won’t disappoint. From decorations to games and drinks, you will surely enjoy every detail we’ve planned here for you that will set the perfect atmosphere for your bachelorette. Read on to find out how to plan a bachelorette party and what cowgirl party supplies (easy to find at local small businesses) to prepare for!

So you’re planning a bachelorette party, and you don’t want to throw an ordinary bridal shower. Well, you’re in the right place!

Ideas and Decorations for Your Cowgirl Themed Bachelorette Party

As your bachelorette party serves as your squad’s last night out together, it is the perfect opportunity to plan an unforgettable cowgirl bash that your friends will be talking about for a long time afterward. Planning the details of the party is a good way to start.

Naming Your Bachelorette Bash

The name you choose for your rodeo-themed bachelorette party will become the symbol of the gathering itself. Make sure that the party name will excite the guests upon receiving your invitation and give them some idea of what to wear and what to expect. Here are the suggested steps in creating your bachelorette party name:

  • Do some research about the rodeo/cowgirl theme and look for unique keywords
  • Combine the keywords and make a list of possible name choices.
  • You can use rhymes and puns to make the name more interesting.
  • Don’t hesitate to consult the other members of the squad. This way, you can come up with a name that combines your common interests.

To get you started, what about Rodeo Princesses, Rodeo Bachelorette Party or Denim and Diamonds?

Cowgirl Theme Bachelorette Party

How to Decorate with a Wild West Atmosphere 

Although cowgirl-themed parties are usually set outdoors, choosing to host this party indoors should not limit you in bringing on the fun.

Cowgirl Theme Bachelorette Party

The Room 

Transform your room into an equestrian party venue using western-themed backdrops.  Hung banners and streamers paired with balloon letters that spell out your party tag or the bride’s name. For alternatives, you can use a rope backdrop sign. You can also get a little wild and crazy by combining sequins, tassels and fringe.

Cowgirl Theme Bachelorette Party

The Featured Table

Set the main table using a tablecloth that matches your cowgirl theme. You can give the room a rustic look with a wood grain tablecloth, or add some color with a western paisley pattern. 


Comfortable seats for your crew are a must-have for a bachelorette party. Choose rustic chairs as they perfectly match the vibe of the wild west. You can also use regular chairs covered with burlap and floral decorations. 

To encourage more interaction among the guests, use small tables seating just 6-8 guests. Consider using artificial hay bales to complete the equestrian element of your cowgirl theme bachelorette party!

Cowgirl Theme Bachelorette Party

Lighting and Mood

One of the exciting parts about the cowgirl-themed party is the cute decors and details as they can represent the wild side of your bride tribe. Spice up the party using sparkly drop curtains or bead curtains. The main highlight of a crazy party vibe? That’s the magic Disco ball!

Cowgirl Theme Bachelorette Party


As the guests set foot in the venue, make them feel like they are entering a ranch while getting excited about the surprises to come. This can be done by imitating a green pasture using artificial grass mats. The entryway is also a perfect spot to place a saloon door.

If you want the guests to follow a uniform costume, you can give them a straw cowboy hat and bandana as they arrive at the entrance. Use hay bales, rope, and saddles to reinforce the theme.

Cowgirl Theme Bachelorette Party

Music and playlists

Entertaining your guests is one of the crucial components of the party. How fun it would be if you can set up a honky-tonk bar and witness your squad dance into the wee hours of the morning! You can also get your bachelorettes in the mood by playing the following playlists:

Cowgirl Theme Bachelorette Party

Games and Activities 

You want the girls to smile from ear to ear all throughout the night, right? Well, you have plenty of options when it comes to games and sassy activities. Here are some of the exciting games that will make your guests say “Yeehaw”! These can also be played during cowgirl birthday celebrations with your adult guests as participants.

  • Pin the pistol on the cowboy: This is inspired by the children’s game Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Instead of a picture of a donkey, a giant poster of a hunk cowboy is attached to the wall. Participants are given cardboard cutouts of a pistol, and they will try to pin the pistol in its proper place while wearing blindfolds. The player who places the pistol closest to the target wins. 
  • Murder mystery game: One of the players secretly plays the role of the murderer and another person plays the sheriff. The goal of this favorite western game is for other players to determine the criminal among the group. To do this, a series of interrogations will be conducted by each player on the other participants. Before the start of the game, the host can prepare a guide about the characters and motives of each role assigned to the players. 
  • Drink If: A card is prepared containing a list of attributes or conditions related to the bride or the upcoming wedding. This card is passed around and the players take turns reading each statement aloud. If an attribute applies to her, then she needs to take a sip!
Cowgirl Theme Bachelorette Party

Food and Drink Ideas 

You didn’t think we’d forgotten about food and drinks, did you? Complete your preparation for the bachelorette cowgirl party with a choice of meals and cocktails that your hens will surely love. 


Food ideas for your cowgirl-themed bachelorette revolve around farm party food. These include beans, dried meat, and biscuits. Cornbread and muffins are also popular options.

For a more customized approach, you can prepare cookies and cake balls decorated with equestrian elements. It is also a great time for some barbecue – and don’t forget the tacos!

Cowgirl Theme Bachelorette Party


Plan a booze-filled party with the bride tribe with the following selection of cocktail drinks:

  • Apple martini: This is made by combining vodka and apple juice. Gin or light rum can be used as an alternative to vodka
  • Salty Dog Cocktail: Prepared by mixing grapefruit juice and vodka, garnished with saddle leather at the rim.
  • Fruity margarita: A combination of silver tequila, lime, grapefruit, and orange. It can also be added with agave nectar and sparkling water for a more fun drinking experience.
  • Country-style Munich Negroni: This cocktail is made by mixing bourbon whiskey and well-aged sweet vermouth added with hazelnut finish for a more bittersweet taste. 
  • Revolver cocktail: A 4-ingredient drink composed of bourbon, coffee liqueur, orange bitter, and orange peel. It is uniquely prepared as the orange peel is flamed to extract some of its oil.
Cowgirl Theme Bachelorette Party

Getting Ready for the Crazy Wild Night

A bachelorette party is something to look forward to before the wedding, and organizing it is indeed a big job. However, by using simple elements and ideas that match a theme, you can plan for the bridal bash that your squad will remember for the years to come.

We hope this article was helpful as you prepare a cowgirl theme bachelorette party to for the bride-to-be and all her bachelorettes! Above all, enjoy the planning stage while working together with the other bridesmaids. 

And if you want to experience the true country-vibed cities, check out our Austin or Nashville bachelorette party guide. In case you want more ideas for your bachelorette party, don’t forget to see our Costa Rica guide and surprise bachelorette party tips.

We’d love to see pictures from your party – don’t forget to tag us on Instagram @BDR if you found this cowgirl bachelorette party guide helpful!

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