10 Affordable Bachelorette Party Gift Ideas

Are you looking for quality but affordable bachelorette party gift ideas that won’t break the bank? Don’t worry, we have your back!

If you’re planning a bachelorette party, you already know this will be an event you and the squad will remember for the rest of your lives. Our guide will help you to immortalize the event even further with matching party favors and photo-worthy accessories!

From the warmly nostalgic to the forever practical, these bachelorette gift ideas will keep you on budget while still staying fabulous. Cheers to an amazing party!

affordable bachelorette party gift

#1 ‘Buy the Bride a Drink’ Stickers- the Ultimate $$$ Saver

Starting at $5 for 10

Drink Stickers are the gift that keeps giving. Here’s how it works: the Etsy seller creates a custom QR code that directly links your account on the app of your choice (Venmo, CashApp, Zelle, etc.) and adds it to the sticker. hen you’re out exploring with the squad, well-wishers can send you a donation for a drink or two just by scanning the code! Choose from multiple colors and shapes to stay on theme with your party. Tip: If the bride has had enough to drink, simply pass the honor/cocktails on to the bridesmaids.

affordable bachelorette party gift 1

#2 Bachelorette Party Hats – to Match with Any Theme

Starting at $15

There is a reason that matching party hats are a thing at nearly every bachelorette party ever. Having the whole squad wear similar hats not only makes for cute photos but serves as an inexpensive gift that can fit almost any bridal theme. Plus, they’re easy to pack into a suitcase to bring home! Bachelorette ski trip? Double up with these adorable (and warm!) bridesmaid beanies. Bachelorette party at the beach? These sun hats are fully customizable and super cute!

affordable bachelorette party gift

#3 Hangover Kit…Just in Case

Starting at $7

Your group might need a little pick-me-up after a big night out. These affordable hangover kits come with everything from Emergen-C to Advil. The cute holographic pouch even has a little extra space to add a personal touch. Tip: For bridesmaids that don’t drink, replace some of the items with face masks, hand lotion, or an extra lip balm! This is still a kit all about self-care!

affordable bachelorette party gift 3

#4 Custom Bachelorette Wine Labels- Add your Personal Photos or Inside Jokes

Starting at $4

Most likely, at some point during your bachelorette party, you will encounter a bottle or two of wine. Instead of splurging on a fancy name brand, wine not (see what we did there?) get something unique and personalized? Add some nostalgia to your party by throwing your favorite photos on a wine label! If you’re not feeling the photos, go for fun labels (still customizable) instead. With both options, you can choose between different sizes and save big when you order in bulk.

affordable bachelorette party gift

#5 Lip Balm – the Perfect Add-On 

Starting at $12 for 6

Organic and made of shea butter, these Bride Tribe lip balms make an ideal bachelorette party favor. Each set includes six lip balm tubes with options to match your theme in gold, rose gold, or silver foil. These lippies are the perfect small items to pair with hair ties or other beauty essentials in a gift bag.

affordable bachelorette party gift

#6 Makeup Bags – the Forever Gift 

Starting at $6

Customize the whole squad with monogrammed makeup bags. These adorable cosmetic bags come in multiple colors and can also be used on the Big Day for bridesmaids to carry essentials while staying true to the bridal theme. Makeup bags are some of the most practical and affordable bachelorette gifts that all your guests will use and re-use. 

affordable bachelorette party gift

#7 Fanny Packs – Cool Kids Only

Starting at $5 per unit

Fanny packs are great for exploring purse-free and adding a fun, matching element to the group photos. At 12 inches wide and 5 inches long, these adjustable fanny packs have just enough space for your phone, lip gloss, and credit card. Tip: Save extra cash by skipping the gift bags and adding other small items like lip balm or stickers directly into the pack.

affordable bachelorette party gift

#8 Personalized Drinks- a Cup for Everyone 

Starting at $2

Personalized drink cups work for any bachelorette party because they come in so many different options (and of course, you can fill them with whatever you want!). Some cups, like tumblers or mugs, are perfect for cocktails or mocktails, but also coffee or tea! Also, there is something so fun about drinking out of a cup that has your name or initials on it. Here are a few customizable cups to consider: 

  • Wine Glasses: If your ladies love their Merlot, personalized wine glasses will be a hit! 
  • Tumblers: These are the best options if you know your group drinks more sweet tea than Long Island iced tea because they’re perfect for cocktails or anything else.
  • Shot Glasses: When you know your crew likes to let loose, go for customized shot glasses. 
affordable bachelorette party gift

#9 Personalized Satin Robes – for Feeling Fancy

Starting at $23 

Yet another gift your party guests will use again! Personalized satin robes are perfect for lounging around the hotel, brunching, or any en suite activity. The above robes come in endless colors, sizes, and combinations. Tip: Re-use the robe on your big day as a getting-ready ‘fit for the bridesmaids.

affordable bachelorette party gift

#10 Personalized Fluffy slippers – for Feeling Cozy

Starting at $12

What’s a comfy robe without equally cozy slippers? Echo your romantic wedding with a pair of soft, fluffy, and fully customizable slippers. Compliment your satin robe with fluffy shoes that match the ultimate laid-back day or (the day after!)! Tip: Go for the slippers that have thickened, non-slip soles, like the ones listed above, to avoid unintentionally doing the splits on a tile floor.

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We hope we have inspired your bachelorette party with a few affordable gift ideas (and some that can even do double duty on the wedding day)! Check out our other guides, including Who Pays for a Bachelorette Party, Bachelorette Party Outfits, and our helpful Bachelorette Bucket Lists.

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