How to Plan the Ultimate Sex and the City Bachelorette Party

If you and your girlfriends have spent more nights than you can count on the couch drinking wine and binge-watching Sex and the City, then you know that no party is complete without three key ingredients: fabulous food, flowing drinks, and of course, a killer outfit. 

A Sex and the city bachelorette party is your chance to live it up as you celebrate the next stage of your life with your closest friends. So if you’ve ever wanted to live out your SATC dreams just like Carrie and her gal pals, this theme is the perfect way to celebrate your big day. 

Grab your tulle, pour yourself a cosmo, and read on for our tips on the best decor, games, and wardrobe inspo to help you plan the ultimate Sex and the City-themed bachelorette party! 

sex and the city bachelorette party

Set the Scene with Decor

Start with some fun and festive decorations to set the scene for the party. Create a fun photo area with a tinsel backdrop in the show’s signature hot pink, or go all out with a personalized glittery city skyline backdrop complete with the bride’s name. Every great photo booth needs props, and this speech bubble prop kit will have you all laughing as you snap pics and remember some of the show’s most iconic quotes. 

Keep the New York City theme going with these skyscraper-shaped display towers perfect for stacking up sweet treats, and sprinkle Sex and the City confetti around the party to add pops of pizazz. 

sex and the city bachelorette party

Get Glammed Up for Your Sex and the City Bachelorette Party 

One of the best things about throwing a Sex and the City-themed party is that you and your guests can bring your fashionista dreams to life while getting creative with your outfits! 

While you might not be getting decked out in Manolo Blahniks and Dior (or maybe you are!), you can certainly take inspiration from Carrie’s best outfits. Rock her iconic tulle skirt and statement necklace combo or pay homage to the show-stopping Galliano newspaper print dress from season three. 

If your group wants to branch out from Carrie’s eclectic style inspiration, go for a feminine, preppy Charlotte-inspired look and try a flowy, high-necked dress.  You could also spice things up with a bright red, form-fitting dress that looks like it came straight out of Samantha’s closet. If casual is more your style, opt for a pair of classic overalls that mirror Miranda’s effortless casual style. 

No matter your style, there’s sure to be a perfect outfit for everyone in the group. Can’t decide what to wear? Click here for more great outfit inspiration. 

sex and the city bachelorette party, woman with shopping bags

Shop ‘Til You Drop Gift Bags 

A fun welcome bag is always a thoughtful touch, and it’s a great way to thank your besties for joining you to celebrate, as well as set the tone for your party. You know that the Sex & the City ladies love to shop, and this is a perfect opportunity to set the mood with a few curated gifts you picked just for your guests. Here are a few of our favorites: 

  • SATC coffee mug: Help your ladies get their caffeine fix with an illustrated coffee mug featuring a fashion-inspired sketch of the fabulous four and one of Carrie’s famous quotes: “Welcome to New York for the two L’s: Labels and Love”.
  • Makeup bag: While you may look effortlessly glam, all ladies know that a good amount of makeup is needed to achieve that natural “clean girl” look or the perfect smokey eye. This adorable makeup bag will help your friends carry their essentials in style. 
  • Personalized notepad: Give a gift with a personal touch with this sweet notepad customized with each person’s name. They’ll have fond memories of your bachelorette party when they’re back at work or taking notes with their handy new to-do list pad. 
  • Soulmate candle: Celebrate your enduring love for your girlfriends with this sentimental candle, bearing an iconic quote from the show that recognizes the special place that friendships have in your heart.  
sex and the city bachelorette party

Start the Party Up

What’s a bachelorette party without some fun activities? To get things started, print out copies of the Sex & the City trivia game and test your knowledge to find out who really knows the most about Carrie & Co. Turn up the heat with a daring game of Never Have I Ever, but remember – in this group of friends, all secrets are safe, and we never kiss & tell! 

If you’re feeling naughty, you can even host a passion party where each person can pick out their own battery-powered adult toy, à la Charlotte’s famous “Rabbit” scene from season one’s The Turtle and the Hare episode.

If you take your bachelorette party to the Big Apple, you can even sign up for a Sex and the City tour to visit some of the real-life places featured in the show. Wine, dine, and shop in style – just like the core four!  

sex and the city bachelorette party

Wine & Dine in Style

As the ladies of SATC know, no party is complete without delicious food! The show is packed with scenes of the ladies eating and drinking their way across New York, giving you lots of opportunities to tie your menu into the theme of your party. 

Get dolled up and head out for an extravagant sushi dinner to rival the infamous night at Buddakan, or stay casual and order in Chinese food, like Miranda’s favorite standby chicken and broccoli in a brown sauce. You can’t go wrong with a pizza night – no real New Yorker will ever turn down a fresh slice!  

For dessert, whip up a batch of copycat Magnolia cupcakes decorated with pink frosting—just like the famous cupcake scene.  

You can’t forget to shake up a few of the show’s signature cosmo cocktails. This zesty drink will definitely get the party going, and you can opt for a classy vibe with real martini glasses or take the fun on the go with these SATC-themed reusable drink containers

Get Started Planning! 

With these ideas to get your creativity flowing, you’re well on your way to throwing a fantastic Sex & the City-themed bachelorette party that your fashionista friends will never forget!  

If you’re ready to dive into planning, check out our Bachelorette 101 guide for more information on the essentials that every great bachelorette party needs. 

We hope you enjoy your glamorous Sex & the City bachelorette party and don’t forget to tag @BDR on Instagram!

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