Party Etiquette 101: Who Pays For A Bachelorette Party?

So you’re planning a bachelorette party and stuck with a big question: who is supposed to pay for what? Good news: we have you covered! In this guide, we’re breaking down all of the bachelorette party etiquettes around who pays.

​​Bachelorette parties are a blast! You can expect tons of food, fun, dancing, and memories that last a lifetime. Calculating who pays for this fun can be surprisingly complicated (and potentially hard to navigate), and it’s likely that more than just one person will pay for different aspects of the party. Read on to learn more about who pays for a bachelorette party and get the answers to 8 questions about bachelorette party financials.

#1. Who Typically Pays for a Bachelorette Party?

Usually, the cost of a bachelorette party is split between the Maid of Honor and the bridesmaids. 

Splitting costs (and covering the cost for the bride) is a long-standing tradition, but with the rising trend of traveling for a bachelorette party, it has become more common for the bride to chip in, at least for her transportation. 

While the bride may pay for her flight or journey to the bachelorette party location, typically she doesn’t cover any other costs associated with the party. This means the attending Maid of Honor and bridesmaids (or any other friends attending!) typically split the cost of her food, drinks, and fun.

Of course, talk about this with the bride, and make sure everyone is on the same page! If the bride wants to chip in on the costs for the party, let her!

Who pays for a bachelorette party

#2. What Should The Bride Pay For?

Often, the bride will purchase small gifts for all attendees of the bachelorette party. These can be things like nice lotions, robes, or slippers

If the bachelorette party is hosted in a different city or country, the bride should consider covering the cost of her own transportation, but she isn’t expected to cover any other costs. This is why it is tradition for her to purchase small gifts for the bridesmaids instead. Again, make sure to discuss this with the bride and make sure everyone is comfortable with the way costs will be split. 

Who pays for a bachelorette party

#3. What Should Bridesmaids Pay For?

If you’re a bridesmaid attending a bachelorette party, you should expect to pay for your travel to the bachelorette party. You’ll also be splitting the cost (with the other guests) for the accommodations, activities, food, and any other supplies for the event, including all costs for the bride. 

Keep in mind that bridesmaids can end up paying for quite a few things to be involved in a wedding, not just the bachelorette party! Bridesmaids should also plan to pay for their bridesmaid dress, hair, and makeup for the wedding (unless this is given as a gift by the bride), as well as travel and accommodation for the wedding. 

As you can see, these expenses add up quickly, especially if the bachelorette party or the wedding isn’t in the city where the bridesmaid lives!

Who pays for a bachelorette party

#4. Do Guests Pay for a Bachelorette Party?

If you are invited to a bachelorette party as a guest (not a bridesmaid), you should expect to pay a portion of the bill as well. Bachelorette party guests will be expected to cover costs similar to the bridesmaids, starting with travel to the bachelorette party location. Guests will be expected to cover a portion of the cost of the accommodations, activities, food, and any other supplies for the event, including all costs for the bride. 

Keep in mind, these guests aren’t bridesmaids! If you’re buying things (or asking them to buy things) that are supposed to pull double-duty at the wedding, keep in mind that this person will be attending your wedding as a guest (those “bridesmaid” stitched robes won’t be as appealing here). 

Who pays for a bachelorette party

#.5 What is a Reasonable Amount to Spend on a Bachelorette Party?

According to a study by The Knot, the average cost of a bachelorette party ranges widely based on how many days you’re scheduling, and your location. The costs could be anywhere from $300 – $2,000+, and here’s how that breaks down:

  • Single-Day Bach Parties: If you are throwing a single-day bachelorette party for your bride, the average cost per person is around $300. This amount will likely cover brunch, bar-hopping evening, or themed parties, but of course, varies widely. Sometimes bachelorette parties are thrown at someone’s home (which can help save money), and entertainment is hired (which costs more money), so plan accordingly. 
  • For Multi-Day Bach Parties: For bachelorette parties that are multiple days in length (think a whole weekend), you should expect to spend at least $500, if not more (the average for three days is around $775), depending on the location and accommodation. Many bachelorettes go to Miami, New Orleans, or an international destination like Mexico. In these cases, plan on increasing the budget to cover travel costs as well.
  • Bride’s Portion: Will the bride pay for the bachelorette party in these same amounts? The short answer is no; the bride will have the majority of her costs covered by the other attendees of the party. If you’re traveling for the bachelorette party, the bride often covers the cost of her travel. 
Who pays for a bachelorette party

#6. How Can I Have An Affordable Bachelorette Party?

It is absolutely possible to have an affordable bachelorette party by making a few intentional choices, like scheduling during the location’s off-season, or deciding to celebrate closer to home. 

If you’re hoping for an affordable bachelorette party, but still want to travel, here are a few tips for helping to cut travel costs:

  • Choose a location where you and your guests can drive. This will help save on airfare (plus, you’ll already have a car and won’t need to rent one!). 
  • Book a staycation! Think about staying in town and throwing a stay-cation bachelorette party! Book everything in advance to get the lowest rates possible, and consider booking for off-season dates.
  • Tap into friends and family! Do you have a friend or family member that has a lake house, or a cabin in the woods? They might be willing to let you have your bachelorette party there, which is a great gift and helps save a lot of cost on accommodations!
  • Rent a house rather than a hotel room. If you book a house through platforms like Airbnb or VRBO, you can keep your guests under one roof, split the cost of the house, and you’ll have a kitchen to cook with so you don’t have to eat out every meal!
  • Break out your chef’s hat. The cost of meals (and bars!) adds up really quickly. Plan on cooking a few meals, even if that’s just breakfast each morning and maybe a dinner or two at the house! These can be fun, interactive events with your guests as well as a great way to save some money. 

If you’re looking for a few other tips to save money during your trip, check out our post on how to throw an affordable bachelorette trip.

Who pays for a bachelorette party

#7. Are you supposed to get a gift for the bride at the Bachelorette Party?

It is tradition to get a gift for the bride and give it to her during the bachelorette party. 

The gift doesn’t need to be large or expensive but could be something sentimental, a funny gag gift, or something that she might use for the wedding (or after!). A few ideas to get you started:

  • Giving the bridge lingerie is a very traditional gift. This could be something like “I Do” lingerie, something that includes the groom’s name (or Mrs. New Name), or something more sultry for the honeymoon. 
  • A funny gag gift that taps into a group joke is always fitting here! Make sure to keep it fun and lighthearted – this isn’t the time to hurt anyone’s feelings or make them uncomfortable!
  • A custom-painted bottle of champagne is a great idea, or you can DIY a champagne bottle with signatures and notes from the bachelorette party guests, or sparkly glitter to go with your party theme!

#8. Does the groom pay for anything for the bachelorette party?

Typically the groom does not pay for anything (nor are they involved in the planning) of the bachelorette party.

There are a few ways in which they might be involved in the event:

  • If your bride wants to be surprised and doesn’t know any details of the bachelorette party, you may need to coordinate with the groom to help keep the secret, share a few ideas, or get her ready for the trip.
  • If you’re planning to play any games with trivia about the couple or pictures of them together, you may need his help here!
  • The groom may decide to buy a gift for the bride that will be shared during the party, or a gift for the group as a whole. If they’re wanting to be involved, they could buy a few bottles of wine or champagne that greet the guests when they arrive at the house or pay for breakfast delivery after a big night out. This doesn’t need to be expensive (nor should it be expected), but it’s a nice gesture for the groom to show his appreciation for the bride and her closest friends during a memorable trip!

We hope this guide has helped you answer a few of the top questions about bachelorette party financials. Bookmark this guide, so you always know what to expect when you get invited to a bachelorette party! 

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