How to Plan an Affordable Bachelorette Trip

Planning an affordable bachelorette trip isn’t as hard as it sounds. By keeping just a few things in mind, you can plan a trip that will save everyone time and money while creating a bachelorette bash to remember. Things like airfare, over-the-top hotels, cover fees, and high-end restaurants can cause expenses to spike. 

A bachelorette party is a fun tradition ahead of the wedding day, but if you’re not careful, it can get costly (just like the wedding, honestly!). While everyone wants an incredible party for the bride, working with a budget does not need to be a setback! We’ve rounded up a few ideas below to help you plan an affordable bachelorette party.

affordable bachelorette party

Pick a drive-able location

One significant way you can save a lot of money upfront is by selecting a destination that is within driving distance for most (or all) of the group. You don’t have to go far to make this party feel special!

There are so many financial benefits to driving: you can avoid expensive airfare costs, you can bring more things with you and pack snacks and drinks in coolers, and you can save money by carpooling and splitting the cost of gas with friends. Besides, everyone loves a road trip! Pop in a fun playlist and consider the drive part of the fun!

Stay at a friend’s place

If you have a friend or family member open to hosting a group of bachelorettes at their place, take them up on it! This is a great way to save on the cost of accommodations, and those can seriously add up! Plus, you can put those funds towards other things like decorations, entertainment, or food. 

If your aunt has a cabin at the lake, or a friend has a house at the beach, these are great places to host your party. And remember: this party is not about the location or even the house: it’s about getting all of your closest friends together for a wonderful and memorable party!

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Eat a few meals at your house or hotel

Meals at a restaurant can easily be $40+ a person when you factor in food, drinks, and tip, and if you’re eating out every meal, every day, that can put a serious dent in your wallet. 

Pamper the bride by making an easy and delightful breakfast at your house or hotel. You can make it cute with matching PJs (a great party favor idea, we love these), her favorite breakfast foods, and a wide range of coffee flavors (or mimosas!). Just ask each crew member to chip in a bit of cash or bring a breakfast item!

Throw an epic bachelorette night to remember

As an alternative to an entire weekend, plan a ONE-NIGHT epic party to celebrate the bride! Do it up with an elaborate dinner, a night on the town, and even a chauffeur-driven limo. When you know the party is just one night and you’ll be returning home afterward, you save money on a hotel and travel, and you won’t have to ration cash for the rest of the weekend.

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Find free party activities

Sometimes the best things in life are FREE! If you do a little browsing online, you’ll be able to find all kinds of free events that your group can attend during a bachelorette party. Look for things like outdoor concerts, rooftop yoga classes, popular hiking spots, farmer’s markets, drag shows, festivals, and parks where you can BYOB! A good place to start is with the city’s events calendar. 

DIY your party favors and decorations

Make some of the decorations and favors yourselves to save a little money, but also create something that is even more personal and meaningful. You can even plan a crafting activity and have the party guests create their items (vinyl decals on party glassware or cups is always a great take-home gift!).  

A “party survival kit” is also something that you can easily put together for each guest: include items like snacks, band-aids, painkillers, electrolyte powder, bottled water, candy, hair ties, and gum. Decorate a cute bag or tote with their name and you’re all set for the weekend!

DIY garlands and DIY photo backdrops are also easy to make and will set the tone for your whole party!

Host a “girl’s night in”

The first night of the trip is the perfect time for a good old-fashioned slumber party. Guests will be arriving at different times, and everyone will be tired from traveling. You can plan to have a girl’s night in with face masks, pizza, games, and movies, and spend the evening catching up. This is the perfect way to rest up for the next day and save money on dinner the first night that everyone might not be able to attend in the first place!

These affordable bachelorette trip ideas are sure to keep your party on a budget and on-trend! Remember, the bride-to-be is going to enjoy the trip simply because her closest friends are putting in the effort to be there to celebrate this big moment in her life! 

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