How to Throw The Unique Prague Bachelorette Party

It’s no secret that Prague loves a party and that is what makes it one of the best bachelorette party destinations in Europe! While it’s packed with pubs, bars, and clubs that are raving every night of the week, whimsical Old Town is packed with history and culture. By day you can admire Prague Castle’s astonishing architecture and by night you can celebrate your bride’s last moments as a single woman with a bar crawl! 

Since the city is incredibly affordable, you can stay in luxurious accommodations, eat like queens, and splash out on special experiences without breaking the bank. We’re rounding up all the tips you’ll need to know to throw the ultimate Prague bachelorette party. 

Prague bachelorette party

How to get to Prague

By Air: As the capital city of the Czech Republic, Prague is home to the country’s busiest and most well-connected airport: Prague Ruzyně Airport (PRG). It provides direct flights to and from most major European cities including London, Amsterdam, and Frankfurt, all of which offer worldwide connections. 

The airport is located 10 miles east of Prague’s Old Town, which can be reached in around 30 minutes by car or taxi. Rideshare services like Uber are available in Prague and make your airport transfer even easier. 

Alternatively, immerse yourself in local life from the start by navigating your way by public transport. Don’t worry, it’s pretty simple! Just take the number 119 bus from the airport’s Terminal 1 bus stop to Nádraží Veleslavín metro station, and then take the A line towards Depo Hostivař to Staroměstská (Old Town). Altogether, this journey takes around 40 minutes. Make sure to have some of the local currency, the Czech crown, on hand to pay for any public transport ticket fares (the Czech Republic is part of the European Union, but the Euro is not officially used. You’ll use Czech crowns as the local currency). 

By car: Getting to Prague by car is likely only realistic if you’re driving from within the Czech Republic, or certain parts of Germany and Poland.  

By train: Prague is well-connected to other European cities by train. You can reach “The Golden City” by train from destinations as far as London, Brussels, Budapest, and Vienna. 

Tip: Keep in mind that if you’re traveling from within Europe, airfare is very affordable! With budget airlines like Ryanair and Easy Jet, flying to Prague is likely your fastest and cheapest option, even if you’re already in Europe.  

Prague bachelorette party

Getting around in Prague

Hurrah! You’ve made it to Prague. Now, how do you find your way around? Well, if you’re sticking to the Old Town, it’s super easy to explore by foot — as long as you don’t trip over the crooked cobblestones! If you do plan on adventuring further and wider, however, here are your options:

$: Budget-Friendly

The Metro: Prague has a top-tier metro system that extends to the far reaches of the city, making it a very useful transportation system. The even better news is that it’s pretty cheap too. A 30-minute travel pass is 30 CZK ($1.20), a 24-hour travel pass is 120 CZK ($4.90), and a 72-hour travel pass is 330 CZK ($13.40).

Lime Scooters

If regular public transport sounds too dull for your bachelorette getaway then you’ll be psyched to know that the scooter-sharing app Lime operates across central Prague. Lime scooters are temptingly cheap at just 25 CZK ($1) to unlock it, and then 2 CZK ($0.01) for every minute of use.

$$: Rental cars

Although we don’t recommend renting a car if you plan on sticking to central Prague (you just won’t need it!), it’s an ideal option for those who want to escape the city too. At, prices start at around $25 per day for a small vehicle, but if you want to splash out on a premium option, opt for a Mercedes-Benz for around $100 per day.

Where to stay

When considering where to base your bachelorettes during your Prague bachelorette party, remember the city is split into numbered districts. Encompassing the Old Town, Prague 1 is the most central and most expensive area to stay in. Neighboring Prague 1, Prague 2 (New Town), and Prague 3 are excellent alternatives for parties looking to spend a little less and enjoy a quieter atmosphere without straying too far from the tourist trail.

$: Budget-friendly options

  • Prague’s hostels are so well-finished that they are easily on par with budget apartments. Many offer a quadruple room for up to eight guests like the chic Prague Dream Hostel in the Old Town, priced at $450 per night. 
  • Prague’s cool Old Town city apartments can be pretty affordable on Airbnb. This cute retro loft with three bedrooms and eight beds starts at just $230 per night while this light, spacious, and stylish apartment with three bedrooms and seven beds start at $330 per night.
  • Shop in the nearby fashion boutiques by day and hit the town by night at the trendy ​​Innside Old Town by Melia (starting at $78 per night per room) or the Old Town’s chic Mama Shelter Prague (starting at $62 per night per room) which boasts one of the city’s coolest rooftop bars.

$$: Mid-tier options

  • Book this spacious modern (four bedroom and seven bed) penthouse apartment on Airbnb with a magnificent private roof terrace overlooking the City of 1000 Spires. It sleeps up to 12 guests for $1,030 per night and is a great way to celebrate your bride in your own slice of the city.
  • The Almanac X Prague is a 5-star hotel with an Art Deco aesthetic at the center of the city’s cultural scene. It also includes the BeBop Bar, a world-class cocktail bar. Rooms start at around $200 per night. 

$$$: Splurge 

  • Treat the bride to a luxurious stay at the stylish and elegant Andaz Hotel in Prague 1 where you can enjoy dinner and drinks at one of the city’s most glamorous hotel restaurants and bars. Rooms start at $370 per night. 
  • Combine a city break with a spa break at the Absolutum Wellness Hotel which specializes in collagen sunbathing in the quieter residential Prague 7 district. Rooms start at $470/night.
  • Augustine, a Luxury Collection Hotel is an oasis in the heart of the city. If you’re looking for a bit of local history, this is the place for you! The hotel has deep history inspired by the 13th-century Augustine monastery, which is interconnected with the hotel and still active with 4 monks living there. Rooms start at around $500 per night. 
Prague bachelorette party

Best Things to Do in Prague 

$: Budget-Friendly Options

  • Join a free walking tour: Start your city break by getting your bearings on a free 2.5-hour walking tour around Prague with the girls. It’s undoubtedly one of the best ways to get an introduction to all of its highlights (especially if you’re in the city for a good time, not a long time!). Expect to see famous landmarks like the Astronomical Clock and Spanish Synagogue as well as lesser-known gems. 
  • Go bar hopping in the Old Town: Celebrate your bride’s last days of being single with a night of bar-hopping in Prague’s Old Town. Packed full of bars, there is no better place in Europe to do so! If you’re looking for a pub, nowhere does it better than the 14th-century Zlatého Tygra beer hall. The best rooftop bar in town is undoubtedly Střecha Lucerny, which boasts a multilevel maze of rooftops above Lucerne Palace with live music and swoony views of the city. The best cocktail award goes to the Shrinks Office, a sultry speakeasy with a hidden entrance. Finish the night with a bit of boogying at DUPLEX, which hosts the biggest party in town.
  • Go back in time at Prague Castle: For a splash of history and culture in your Prague bachelorette party, explore the city’s charming and whimsical 1,250-year-old castle complex and presidential residence. Spoiler alert: it’s free! Wander within the impenetrable hilltop castle walls where you’ll discover a cobblestone maze of palaces, gardens, towers, and churches. If you want to go inside, it’s very affordable at 250 CZK ($10).

$$: Mid-Tier Options

  • Enjoy a Dinner Cruise: If you plan for one fancy meal out on your bachelorette bash then why not have it on an elegant evening cruise along Prague’s Vltava River? ​​Prague Boats 3-hour Crystal Dinner Cruise offers a mouthwatering selection of traditional Czech dishes, a live band to serenade you, and gorgeous views of the city’s most famous landmarks.  
  • Go on a shopping spree in New Town: Help your bride shop for last-minute wedding and honeymoon treats in New Town, Prague’s fast-paced commercial hub. Home to the giant Palladium mall and a host of boutiques, it’s the perfect pitstop for a bunch of bachelorettes! You can also check out Cerna Ruz, an upmarket shopping center in Prague 1 known for its Czech-owned and international designer boutiques. 
  • Test your group skills in an escape room: Find out how well you and your fellow bachelorettes can work together under the pressure of impending doom in an escape room. While Breakout Prague’s Nuclear Bunk Room is ideal for beginners, The Chamber has a number of easy, medium, and difficult-level themed escape rooms to choose from including ‘House of Ghosts and Wonderland’. 

$$$: Splurge 

  • Private Absinthe Tasting Tour: As a nation that appreciates a strong drink, Prague is somewhat obsessed with absinthe, a green anise-flavored spirit that is produced with up to a heart-burning 74% alcohol. No wonder it’s banned in most countries! A private Absinthe tasting tour allows you to experience all sides of Prague’s drinking scene as it takes you from the Old Town’s medieval bars to the eclectic modern New Town bars for their palette-punching tastings. Not only is this a great way to explore all sides of the city, but it can also give you ideas for where to spend your night out. Be careful though, it was historically thought to be a psychoactive and hallucinogenic substance!
  • Soak in a beer barrel at the Original Beer Spa: Every bachelorette vacation should include a stint at the spa before the bride’s big day and it just so happens that Prague is home to one of the coolest spas in the world — the Original Beer Spa. The beer spa utilizes beer for holistic health and well-being treatments which, on the surface, sounds unusual, but beer is proven to nourish skin, smooth out wrinkles, and hydrate your cells!
    The experience starts with a relaxing soak in an oak barrel whirlpool bath followed by a rest on a straw bed to absorb the vitamins and extracts before enjoying beer and homemade bread by a toasty fire. Rent the exclusive Czech Beer Land room complete with three beer barrel baths for up to six people and its own private sauna for around $400. 
  • Spend a night at the Prague Opera: Swap the ‘bride-to-be’ sashes, light-up headbands, and ‘L’-plate stickers for elegant cocktail dresses as you opt for a sophisticated 9night at the opera in Prague’s National Theatre. As one of the city’s most historic and iconic buildings, it’s a privilege to be able to see its stage come to life as you sit in its red velvet and gold leaf stalls. Before the show and during the interval, you can enjoy a glass of prosecco on the theatre’s balcony overlooking the Vltava River. From classic Czech and other European operas to contemporary ones, there’s always an exciting lineup to choose from. But no matter what you see, it will be the highlight of your bachelorette party for sure.

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We hope this Prague bachelorette party guide has given you some inspiring ideas for your bride’s final hurrah and you’re now itching to book those flights! We would love to see how you spend your bachelorette party in Prague so remember to tag @BDR in your vacation snaps!

If this is your first time planning a bachelorette party, you should definitely check out our Bachelorette 101 guide for more information.

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