Moulin Rouge Bachelorette Party: How to Plan a Fun Burlesque-Themed Event

Are you looking for a sultry yet elegant party with your friends? If so, then a Moulin Rouge bachelorette party might be the one for you! Inspired by the iconic Parisian cabaret venue which first opened in 1889 (and of course, the movie!), this party theme allows you to bring out all the sexy vibes of the ultimate burlesque show.

Known for its sultry vibes and glamour, creating a Moulin Rouge-themed bachelorette party takes more than just stringing a few lights. From setting the mood with music to your choices of food, there is no place for boredom when planning the details for your burlesque-themed bachelorette. 

Moulin Rouge Bachelorette Party

Ideas and Decorations 

Let’s get started with the party name!

Party Name Ideas 

When planning for an impressive cabaret party, consider inviting your guests in a way that will grab their attention and will stir up their excitement. Start by thinking of a unique and festive name for your event.

  • Begin by doing some research about the cabaret theme and making a list of keywords. Throw in some fun keywords and phrases from the movie as well! 
  • Don’t be afraid to get spicy! Make this as wild as you want it to be!
  • Combine the keywords with the bride’s name, name-to-be, or the destination and think of a name that will be memorable for the guests.  

Setting the Atmosphere 

As you start planning for a Moulin Rouge-themed party, remember that it is your task to create a playful atmosphere that can help in setting the vibrant mood. 

Moulin Rouge Bachelorette Party sign

The room 

The room itself speaks about the festive spirit of the event, so it is important to transform it into an exciting party space. Start by choosing a color scheme: red, black and gold will all accentuate the Parisian nightlife theme.

Think about textures as well: feathers, fans, black lace, ornate mirrors, glitter and sparkles will all help bring this theme to life! You can even incorporate vintage cabaret posters

Setting the main table

Stick with the color theme of red, black and gold. Use black velvet or black lace to cover the table and complement it with red and gold plates. Scatter the table with strings of pearls, decorative fans, and artificial diamonds. You can also make ostrich feather centerpieces


Cabarets are often cozy, small spaces, so you’ll want to mimic that here! Keep the group small and intimate, and consider soft seating, or embellishing hard chairs with plush red cushions and decorative throw pillows. Consider wrapping solid chairs with a ribbon of black or red tulle

Lighting and mood

The lighting at the Moulin Rouge is very extreme, and will greatly change the ambiance of your room. Consider replacing clear light bulbs with red bulbs (make sure you get permission to do this if it’s not your own home!), or adding a colorful spotlight. 

Add some moodier lighting with gold candle pillars, black taper candles, soft string lights, and perhaps a show-stopping marquee light

Moulin Rouge Bachelorette Party


The entryway is the first place where the guests will feel the theme come to life. This is a great spot for vintage posters of the Moulin Rouge (or movie posters), colorful paper lanterns, or a fun photo backdrop

Want to take it up a notch? You can also lay a red carpet surrounded by red velvet ropes

Music and playlists

Music is an important element that will add to the party’s elegant and burlesque atmosphere. Consider the following playlists to get your bachelorettes in the mood:

Moulin Rouge Bachelorette Party

Games and Activities

The decorations, lights and music will thrill your guests, but you’ll need to plan some activities to keep them engaged. Be bold enough to customize games that reflect the ambiance of Paris and also fit with what your bride wants! Here are a few game ideas to get you started:

  • French Quiz: The players are asked to answer trivia questions about Moulin Rouge or facts about France. Be warned – every wrong answer incurs a penalty drink!
  • Do or Drink: Prepare a set of cards written with challenges or dares to be done by the contestants. After picking a card, the player will read aloud the challenge and is given the option to do the dare or take a drink.
  • Host a Dance Competition: Invite guests to compete against one another by performing cabaret-themed dance moves such as the can-can. Watching a few Moulin Rouge YouTube videos to get in the spirit is definitely allowed!
Moulin Rouge Bachelorette Party

Food and Drink Ideas

Your Moulin Rouge-themed party is more than just entertainment and fun activities — it is also about socializing and chatting over a special meal and cocktails! 


Offer a selection of food with a touch of French sophistication. If you want to be extra fancy, these downloadable bachelorette menu templates will add a touch of elegance.

  • The starters: These can be an appetizer to the main meal, or you can make a whole meal out of small bites! Make an amazing grazing table or charcuterie board filled with meats, cheeses, nuts, fruits and spreads. Use gold cocktail picks to stay on theme.  
  • The mains: Consider serving the bride’s favorite dish, or making it a family-style meal to keep it easy for a large group. If you want to stick with a French dish, ratatouille, coq au vin, and boeuf bourguignon are some of the most popular French dishes!
  • Desserts: A chocolate fountain is a complete show-stopper and a great way for guests to choose what they would like to dip. Set up a range of fruits, marshmallows, and sponge cake to let guests select their preference!
Moulin Rouge Bachelorette Party


A Moulin Rouge gathering would not be complete without a fabulous cocktail lineup! You can either let guests make their own cocktails (cocktail bar setup), or have them served on decorative trays

Here are a few cocktails to consider:

  • The Moulin Rouge Cocktail: a deep red champagne cocktail that will have your guests ready to start dancing!
  • The Party Reviver: ok, it’s really a corpse reviver no. 2 cocktail, but it’s very on theme with pre-Prohibition cocktails.  
  • The Classic Sazerac: a cocktail with a hint of absinthe! 
  • You can never go wrong with a nice glass of champagne or sparkling prosecco.

Cocktails are also a great place to have a little fun with cocktail stirrers and accessories! Check out these diamond ring cocktail stirrers, art deco cocktail picks, and Miss to Mrs cocktail napkins

Moulin Rouge Bachelorette Party

It’s time to party!

We hope this guide has served as great inspiration for your Moulin Rouge-themed bachelorette party. Make sure to check out our other guides as you’re in planning mode, such as Bachelorette 101: How to Plan a Bachelorette Party

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