Top 10 Bachelorette Party Ideas That Everyone Will Love

It doesn’t matter if it’s your 100th bachelorette party or your first one, you need to make it a unique one and have fun. The party is a special occasion for the bride, and you need to make the event special for her. You don’t need to follow any guidelines and have the license to be unique for the party. 

The bride and her friends everyone should have a memorable time, and for that, the party needs to be unforgettable. If you have a party to plan and don’t know what to do, here are some exciting and fun bachelorette party ideas you can take inspiration from. 

Make sure the entire girl gang is looking great on the bachelorette weekend, you have the right bachelorette party supplies, and your camera is ready because it is going to be an unforgettable time.

Coronavirus-friendly Bachelorette Party

We all know what is going around in the world because of the Coronavirus pandemic, and keeping the bride and her friends safe is very important while partying nowadays. If you and the girls cannot meet because of travel restrictions, you can do things in an unorthodox fashion and arrange an online bachelorette party on video conferencing. 

Play bachelorette-themed games, gossip, drink and have fun. If you all can meet, then you can get creative with custom bachelorette masks, hand sanitizers, etc. Do not let the pandemic ruin this special time but make sure you are 6 feet apart from each other while partying. 

Casino Night Bachelorette Party 

Who doesn’t love a spoiled weekend in the best Vegas casinos? Even if you can’t visit Vegas, you can host a lovely casino night for a fun time at your bachelorette party. You can use casino-themed decorations and stuff to make your event beautiful and add a casino vibe. 

Conduct Vegas-style casino games, Poker, cards, etc., where you can use chips just like the real thing. Keep fun prizes, drinks, props, etc., and hire some handsome male models to be your bartender and card dealers. Drinking and gambling in limits is a simple bachelorette party idea but really fun. 

Barbie Theme Party

If the bride and her friends love Barbie, as most girls do, then it will be a great theme for the party. All of you can dress in pink bachelorette Barbie dresses like cute skirts, stilettos, etc. Decorate the place with pink balloons, feathers, and other feminine stuff to amp up the girlishness. 

Classic barbie dolls, glitters, logos, etc., will make it look like you are at Barbie’s home. The girls can take part in normal bachelorette party activities, share childhood Barbie stories and much more.  

The Hangover Theme Party

The Hangover was a fun movie, and you can take it as inspiration if you are low on ideas for your bachelorette party. Just like the movie, you can have a wild weekend, meet tigers, visit exotic locations, and get crazy with your girl gang, similar to the movie. 

You can keep Hangover kits filled with cute stuff, aspirin, mints, bachelorette theme masks, custom bottles, etc. Make sure your group is out for the entire night going crazy and head home in the morning together. 

Bridal White Theme

Wondering what to do for a bachelorette party? Nothing will be more sophisticated and traditional than a clean all-white bridal theme to celebrate the wedding. The bride’s friends can wear different colored dresses while the bride is in a beautiful all-white dress to stand out among the crowd. 

Give her a cute bag filled with her accessories and a bridal sash to finish the look. Use a white vehicle, white decoration stuff, white glasses, etc., at the party to stay true to the theme. 

Slumber Party Theme

Remember your childhood and college days by throwing a slumber party for the bachelorette weekend. The bride and the girls can meet and stay up all night having fun and enjoying themselves. Eat tasty junk food, gossip about cute boys, and play traditional slumber party games like Spin the Bottle and MASH.

Buy a cute bachelorette theme sleep set for the bride and get some hilarious props for the party. Listen to loud music and take memorable pictures to complete the amazing night. 

Royal Princess Theme Party

Keep a royal theme for the bachelorette party weekend and make the bride feel like a Queen. The bride and her friends can all wear cute dresses. Get a bridal tiara to make the Queen stand out and give her a royal sash for her dress. 

Stay true to the royal theme and get matching sashes and tiaras for the bridesmaids and maid of honor. Look for a royal castle or building near your location and click pictures after your party to give a royal feel to everything. You can even decorate your vehicle with flowers, feathers, etc. so that everyone knows about the Queen and her friends. 

Wine Tasting Bachelorette Party

Your group can head out for the bachelorette weekend and visit a winery for wine tasting. Even better, keep things private and hold a wine tasting at your home. The bride and her friends can all bring their favorite wine bottle and pair their favorite food with it.

Don’t let the bachelorette party spirit die, and arrange cute bridal-themed glasses and bottles for your event. Let the bride and her bridesmaids drink in special glasses, and everyone should have proper information about their wine. 

Naughty Bachelorette Party

The most common theme for bachelorette parties is the naughty, hilarious, and embarrassing willy and pecker-themed party. Before getting married, it is a perfect theme to have for a bride and bring forth her naughty side. 

The bride is sure to blush the entire night while her besties tease her and die with laughter. Get traditional pecker-shaped party items, naughty party supplies, pecker-covered tiaras, etc., to add to the naughtiness. 

Beach Theme Party

Beat the heat and visit your nearest beach with the bride-to-be and her friends to enjoy the bachelorette party weekend. Splash around in the water, play beach volleyball, make sandcastles, drink while tanning, and do whatever you feel like. Add to the tropical beach vibe at the party by getting special beach towels, sunglasses, bridal sandals, beach umbrellas, etc. So, apply sunscreen and cozy up at the nearest beach with your girlies. 


Never settle for the same old, boring bachelorette party activities, and make an extra effort to make the event memorable for the bride-to-be. There are so many crazy and fun-filled ideas to make the party memorable.

We looked at some of the most popular and easy-to-hold bachelorette party theme ideas in this blog. Choose the right theme, get the ideal supplies, glam up, and make sure the bachelorette party is wild and unforgettable for everyone involved, especially the bride. 

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