How to Throw a Funky Disco Bachelorette Party

See ya later: it’s time to hop in a time machine and head back to the ‘70s to throw the ultimate funky disco bachelorette party! 

If you’re like a magnet to a dance floor, then a disco bachelorette party is the one for you. As fellow disco lovers, we’ve compiled some of the best bachelorette party supplies, party favors, and game ideas to bring your dream disco bachelorette party to life.

disco bachelorette party

Let’s Decorate – Then Hit the Dance Floor

Planning a funky disco bachelorette party might seem intimidating, but rest assured: you absolutely can plan this party on a budget! While there will be a dance floor, the party can be as low-key or action-packed as the bride desires. Regardless of your vision, let’s start with a few budget-friendly bachelorette party supplies to decorate the disco.

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Disco Bachelorette Party Decoration Ideas: $ 

For the bride on a budget, here are some super-affordable decor ideas for a disco bachelorette party.

Disco Ball Balloons*: If balloons weren’t on your list of bachelorette party supplies, they are now! This 6-piece pack of disco balloons will fill up the space and immediately add sparkle, glam, and fun to the party. 

Silver Metallic Fringe Curtains*: A little bit of fringe goes a long way! These sparkly curtains will light up a wall & create the perfect place for a mini disco photoshoot. They’re available in a range of groovy shades, so don’t be afraid to get colorful.

Bride’s Last Boogie Temporary Tattoos*: At this bachelorette party, you can’t just decorate the dance floor: you’ve got to decorate your body, too! Summon your inner seven-year-old with this sheet of funky tattoos, which include disco ball imagery, flower power energy, and peace signs. Top it off with some disco ball body glitter & you’re ready to groove. 

Disco Bachelorette Party Decoration Ideas: $$

Disco Ball: *It’s the bride’s last disco before sealing the deal: she needs a disco ball! Fortunately, disco balls are plentiful. You’ll find a range of standard options online and in-store, but who doesn’t love a multicolor LED disco ball machine* – with a remote controller? If you can’t decide on one, it can’t hurt to purchase the two and light up both ends of the dance floor. 

Disco Ball String Lights:* Sure, you can hang these up on the wall or in a doorway – but don’t be afraid to get creative with the bachelorette decor! These mini disco ball lights look beautiful (and even elegant!) when arranged on a dinner table or around a disco-themed cake. 

“I Feel Love” Fringe Banner:* It’s a party all about love. Why not advertise it on the wall for everyone to see? This funky fringe banner makes the perfect backdrop for late-night dancing pics. 

Disco Bachelorette Party Decoration Ideas: $$$

Sound-Activated Party Lights: if you want to take your dance floor to the next level, these sound-activated party lights include a rotating strobe and laser beams that will pulse with the beat of your music. Get ready to boogie!

Retro Daisy Sunglasses: Every bachelorette party needs daisy sunglasses! These retro sunnies will have you and your girls feeling the 70s!

disco bachelorette party
disco light

Welcome Bags

It’s time to welcome your guests to the disco. Here are some funky party favors to include in their welcome bags: 

Wrap everything up in a disco-friendly canvas tote bag! Throw everything in, and voilà: your bachelorette welcome bag is complete.

What to wear

Sometimes, the most stressful part of the bachelorette party is deciding what to wear. 

Fortunately, a funky disco bachelorette party makes it pretty simple for guests to plan their outfits. For the fashion-forward (or fashion-fearful) guest, we’re breaking down some of the best disco outfit ideas into their most important categories.

disco bachelorette party

Try on a sparkly bodycon dress, a bell-bottom jumpsuit, or high-waist, wide-leg pants with a fitted top. At a disco bachelorette party, there are so many ways to dress up or down. And remember: thanks to your welcome bag, your guests will have their trusty flower crowns and disco earrings for some fast & fashionable funk!

Platform heels are a classic disco shoe, but not every dancer needs height. If you prefer a flatter shoe, we’re eternally impressed by these light-up dancing sneakers. For heel lovers, consider a classic GoGo boot – or become one with the disco ball in these disco ball heels

A big ‘70s bash calls for some big ‘70s hair. If you’re blessed with natural curls, pump them up with a hydrating curl cream to create your disco curls. Go for volume with a body-building dry shampoo. Get out the straightening iron: long, straightened hair with a middle part is an iconic 70’s hairstyle. Or, for an easy-yet-elegant look, use a spritz (or two) of hairspray and lots of bobby pins for a voluminous ponytail. 

Now is the time to go BIG with earrings, necklaces, and even your grandma’s bling! These make perfect bachelorette party favors, too. 

Get Ready for Games!

While it’s tempting to dance the night away, your bachelorette guests will need to break for some fun & games. In addition to a dance floor, here are some of the best bachelorette party game ideas for a ‘70s celebration.

Disco-Themed Makeovers: This isn’t a board game, but it is a test of your makeup skills! Guests can give and receive a disco glam-up. Like the costume competition, there can be categories for Best and Worst – so get silly with it. 

Disco-Themed Photoshoot: After makeovers, orchestrate a photoshoot in front of your metallic fringe curtains

Disco Dances: It’s hard to stop dancing. If your guests can’t get enough, use YouTube to learn some classic disco moves. 

Disco Costume Competition: While the bride-to-be might be the ultimate Fashion Queen and Dancing Queen, there can be several winning categories. Biggest Hair, Best Boots, Sparkliest Face… you name it. 

Let’s Eat and Jam 

After a full day and night of disco dancing, the party-goers will probably need to refuel with some food & beverages. A disco-themed cake is an obvious choice, but you can also provide a range of ‘70s-themed foods, too. 

Those who grew up in that decade may remember some funky fare: jello, homemade Chex Mix, and So. Much. Casserole. Whatever you dish up, don’t forget to have your disco ball and eat it, too. These disco ball paper plates are on-theme, affordable, and practical. 

Of course, no disco bachelorette party is complete without some disco beats. We’re not serving your typical dinner playlist! Spotify has a plethora of premade ‘70s disco playlists, but don’t be afraid to create your own. Here are just a few disco artists for your musical inspiration: 

  • Donna Summers
  • Rose Royce
  • The Trammps
  • ABBA
  • Kool & The Gang
  • The Bee Gees
  • KC and the Sunshine band
  • Chic
  • The Jacksons
  • Earth, Wind, and Fire
  • Village People
  • Gloria Gaynor
  • Aretha Franklin

You’ve got the music, the funky food, and some groovy vibes. You are READY to throw an amazing disco bachelorette party! Stay tuned for our other resources including our Bachelorette Party Planning Guide and our Stress-Free Planner for Every Bachelorette Party.

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