How to Throw a Montauk Bachelorette Party

It may be nicknamed ‘The Last Resort’ but don’t let it fool you. We think Montauk, NY, is up there as one of the best bachelorette party destinations! We’re rounding up all the resources you will need to throw a Montauk bachelorette party to remember!

Once a fishing village boasting the first lighthouse in the State of New York, it’s now had a bougie glow-up to become one of the busiest destinations in the Hamptons. Attracted by the subtropical climate, New Yorkers escaping the city’s summer heat can find respite in the ocean breeze with temperatures averaging around 73°F in the summertime – that’s perfect for partying in our eyes!

Sun-soaked, sandy shores and pool parties aplenty: if this is your bride-to-be’s bachelorette of dreams, keep reading because we’re going to spill the secrets to building that dream getaway in Montauk.

One thing to keep in mind: the Hamptons really come alive during the summer. They’re also really wonderful in the spring, fall, and even in the winter, but remember that outside of peak season, there may not be as many bars, restaurants, and other activities open for you and your group to enjoy. 

Montauk bachelorette party

How to get to Montauk

First things first, let’s get you there! There are a few options when it comes to reaching ‘The End’ (named for its location at the very Eastern tip of Long Island). 

By car: Undoubtedly the easiest way to reach Montauk is to drive there. If you’re coming from in-state it could be useful to have a car while you’re there too!

It’ll take around three hours to drive to Montauk from New York City (of course, traffic can change everything!). During the peak summer season, there will be more people making the trip, so be sure to add in some extra time. We’ve always found a great playlist to sing along to and your favorite snacks (Reese’s on hand please!) will keep the party vibe going all the way to the beach!

By air: If you aren’t one of the lucky few with a small aircraft to land directly at Montauk airport (celeb status!), Long Island MacArthur Airport is the closest major hub with direct flights landing from cities including Baltimore, Fort Lauderdale, Nashville, Philadelphia, Orlando, Tampa & Atlanta.

If you’re flying in from further afield, you’ll be looking to stop at JFK or La Guardia before taking one of the other options to reach Montauk.

Going luxe? Helicopter or seaplane transfers from NYC to the Hamptons with services like Blade take around 30 minutes. 

By train: If you’re coming from Manhattan car-free – and if you’re planning a tipple or two en route, we don’t blame you! – there are a couple of options.

Departing from New York Penn Station, the Long Island Railroad (LIRR) is an affordable way to reach Montauk in 3-4 hours. We recommend trying to hop on the ‘Cannonball’ service that goes direct without transferring. Train tickets to Montauk start at around $18 per ticket.

By bus: You’ve got two bus options from New York City: the Hampton Jitney or the Hampton Ambassador. They aren’t just any old bus: you’ll get Wifi, bathrooms, and even snacks, plus alcohol, movies, and extra legroom if you upgrade to the Hampton Ambassador (we’re sold!).

Booking ahead can make this cheaper but something to keep in mind is that traffic could extend to the usual two – three hour ETA. Pricing starts at around $40 per ticket. 

Montauk bachelorette party

Getting around Montauk

Now that you’ve arrived, how do you get around?

Luckily, Montauk is way more walkable than some other towns in the Hamptons! Downtown, complete with shops, restaurants, and bars, is within easy reach of the beach on foot, but you’ll need to consider options if you’re planning to visit the Montauk lighthouse or hike in the state parks.

Keen to feel the breeze through your hair? Rental bikes can be a great way to shake off the post-alcohol headache and get you to some of those harder-to-reach spots without trying to summon a taxi or Uber.

Top tip for the destinations too far to reach on foot: the Hampton Hopper app is a must-download for visitors. The bus runs the Montauk loop between 10 am – 10 pm with tons of stops around town, helping you to explore on a budget.

Still keen to get around by car? No problem! As with the rest of the Hamptons, Uber is available but renowned for its hefty surge pricing. You’ll be able to use Lyft too, however, sometimes it can be better to call a local taxi service such as Moko Taxi instead.

If you’re going upmarket (and isn’t this the perfect excuse to treat yourself?), the Hamptons has several limo rental services to keep your Montauk bachelorette party lit on your way to your next destination!

Where to stay in Montauk

When it comes to choosing the best bachelorette party destination, Montauk ticks the accommodation boxes with options from budget-friendly to super high-end.

With a multitude of options to choose from (particularly in the summer season), we’ve selected just a couple of picks to show you here but believe us when we say, there’s something for everyone!

$ Budget-friendly

  • Born Free Suites by the Sea: Perfectly located without a hefty price tag, Born Free Suites by the Sea is a super-clean motel with a choice of suites open 365 days a year. For a relaxed spot to lay your head, just a block away from the center of town, you really can’t put a foot wrong.
  • Montauk Manor: Situated on 12 acres of countryside, find tastefully decorated apartments with views galore from the terraces at Montauk Manor. Perfect for the chilled-out bachelorette, your only worry will be whether to relax by the pool or book in for a treatment at the guest-exclusive Space MTK- Spa. While rates vary depending on the season, there are great bargains to be found for the quality.

$$ Mid-tier

  • The Montauk Beach House: Need to be in the heart of the action? The Montauk Beach House is a downtown boutique hotel, just a short walk away from all the beaches, shops, restaurants, and bars you could want. With laid-back entertainment all summer long, their fun-with-friends vibe never misses the mark.
  • Hero Beach Club: Known for its fun atmosphere and affordable ocean-inspired rooms, it’s hard to pick a hero of this hotel but we’d have to opt for the spectacular beachfront location. Some rooms even have full-frontal ocean views – dazzling to wake up to – and as you’ll be in walking distance of Montauk’s Plaza, it’s perfect for relaxing in between partying with your bachelorette!

$$$ Worth the splurge

  • Gurney’s Montauk Resort & Seawater Spa: The 158-room beachfront resort is a Montauk legend and with that location, it’s no wonder why! With direct access to a large stretch of private beach and The Beach Club, renowned for some of the best daytime parties, the exclusive amenities are reason enough to splash out on a stay here. Plus, their reimagined Seawater Spa is a must-visit for pamper lovers – now there’s an idea for a great bachelorette gift for your bride-to-be!
  • Marram: It’s not your traditional bachelorette pad but the boutique resort hotel has an unforgettable barefoot luxury feel for those seeking a stylish wellness getaway. Think yoga & meditation, unforgettable local dining from chef Fernando Trocca & restauranteur Martin Pittaluga and complimentary Retrospec cruiser bikes to explore the area.

No matter where you stay, we always think it’s fun to add an extra surprise for the bride-to-be! Why not task some of the bridal party with distracting her at the bar or the beach while the rest of you grab some bachelorette party supplies and decorate her room? It’s a small gesture guaranteed to raise a smile!

Montauk bachelorette party

Best things to do in Montauk

Montauk bachelorette party planners, we know you won’t have any trouble putting together an itinerary for a top weekend! Montauk offers heaps of fun experiences at every end of the budget scale, from wholesome activities in nature to parties, booze, beaches, and more parties! 

Food is one of the Hamptons’ greatest pleasures and from high-end to street eats, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. We’ll quickly run you through some of our favorites *deep breath*… Gosman’s Dock (renowned for the freshest seafood in town), The Lobster Roll (the clue is in the name), and Harvest on Fort Pond for Tuscan-style Italian cooking *chef’s kiss*.

But don’t worry, that’s not all. Itinerary planners, get your notepads ready – let’s dive into some of the top-rated activities in Montauk.

$ Budget-friendly

  • Visit Montauk’s state parks: Did you know that Montauk has six state parks? The most famous, Montauk Point State Park, is worth a visit to grab your postcard-perfect group snap in front of Montauk Point Lighthouse. Others such as Hither Hills State Park and Shadmoor State Park are wonderful for hiking and cycling away from the town’s crowds. Keep your eyes peeled for seals!
  • Bar-hop ‘til you drop: Away from the higher-end beach clubs, a whole heap of nightlife (and day drinks) is available in the town for a memorable bachelorette! A few of our top recommendations include Ruschmeyers, a restaurant serving up delicious brunches and dinners that turns into a raucous nightclub after-hours, and The Crow’s Nest’s famously huge cocktail menu. We’ve also got to mention the famous Memory Motel, brought to the limelight by the Rolling Stones, although if we’re honest, we think Dureya’s white-sand Beach Club at Orient Point has the ultimate bachelorette party vibe. For the best sunset views, it’s a toss-up between Navy Beach or The Montauket with its well-known local brews. Try both and let us know which you prefer!
  • Get salty: No, not in the ocean (although we hope you’ll be doing some of that too!): Montauk Salt Cave was created to offer healing, rest, and relaxation with private cave rental, Reiki, and sound meditations all available. Now that’s the kind of recovery we’d like after a late night out!

$$ Mid-tier

  • Drink & dine at Calissa: While some bachelorette parties may find venues a little reluctant to accommodate larger groups, we love how Calissa embraces the fun! Their bachelorette package includes Prosecco, unlimited wine, and a three-course family-style dinner – just leave the party supplies at home for this one as confetti and decorations aren’t allowed! But with their gorgeous Mykonos style décor, you won’t need it.
  • Go wine-tasting: There’s no more sophisticated activity bound to get you giggling than a vineyard tour and wine-tasting. Located just 30 minutes from Montauk by car (or limo for an extra touch of luxury!), Wölffer Estate Vineyard offers group and private tastings overlooking the rolling vine-adorned landscape. 

$$$ Worth the splurge

  • Charter a boat: With all that sparkling ocean to admire, it would be a shame not to create your own floating oasis for a few hours! With picture-perfect scenery, water toys, and a crew experienced in creating the best Montauk bachelorette parties, we particularly rate Yacht Hampton.
  • Dance the night away (with a touch of celeb spotting): For large groups hoping to make a statement, The Beach Club at Gurney’s is already one of the most sought-after locations, or the Regent Cocktail Club is available for private hire. Heard of The Surf Lodge? Of course, you have! While it can be notoriously tricky to get into Hampton’s most elite socialite bar that frequently plays host to big-name DJs, we’ve heard that booking a stay can grant you access with a breeze. Good luck!
  • Party at home with DJ Chef: How’d you like to taste signature dishes while partying to some of the best tunes? If you’ve rented a beach house or apartment in Montauk, this is undoubtedly one of the most unique bachelorette party experiences you’ll ever enjoy. Award-winning DJ CHEF cooks up a storm whilst simultaneously spinning the decks: now that’s a formula for a wild night if we ever heard it!

We hope you enjoy your Montauk bachelorette party! Make sure to check out our other resources and guides on how to plan the best bachelorette to please your bride and friends.

We’d love to see pictures from your trip – make sure to tag @BDR on Instagram!

If you don’t know where to start, we got you! Make sure to check out our Bachelorette 101 guide for a perfect bachelorette party.

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