Cabo San Lucas Bachelorette Party: How to Throw Epic One

If you’re looking for a bachelorette party with tacos at 4am, margaritas at sunset, and all-night parties, where should you go?

The immediate answer is sunny Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, where partygoers, foodies, and nature lovers gather for the vacation of a lifetime. Every year, bachelorettes flock to this coastal town – which many simply refer to as “Cabo” – for its incredible weather, fresh cuisine, and coastal club scene.

It’s time to get out the planner and the party dress. Our bachelorette party ideas for the ultimate Cabo San Lucas bachelorette party will maximize your time – and stretch your budget! – in this breathtaking oasis. 

How to Throw an Epic Cabo San Lucas Bachelorette Party of your life

How to get to Cabo San Lucas

Cabo is located on the southern tip of the Baja California Peninsula in Mexico, so it’s perfectly positioned for year-round sun. With such incredible weather, when’s the best time to go? 

Many travel experts recommend visiting Cabo during its shoulder season, or the period between peak tourism season and the off-season. In Cabo, shoulder seasons span from May to the end of June, and again from October through November. During these months, temperatures are usually in the 80s: the perfect weather to get some sun on your shoulders! 

Peak season in Cabo typically lasts from December through April, and you can expect higher prices and larger crowds at that time. 

By air: 

If you’re traveling by plane, it’s usually best to book your bachelorette party during shoulder season in Cabo. Fares are often cheaper, and you’ll encounter fewer tourists (but still plenty of sun!) when you arrive at your beach destination. 

Most Cabo-goers will fly into San José del Cabo Los Cabos Airport (SJD). Of course, travel times vary depending on your departure city, but here are the flight times from some common U.S. cities:

  • Flights from Dallas, TX: 2h 47m
  • Flights from New York, NY: 5h 46m
  • Flights from Denver, CO: 3h 10m
  • Flights from Los Angeles, CA: 2h 31m

In the U.S., American Airlines, Aeromexico and Alaska Airlines fly most regularly to the Los Cabos Airport. 

By car: 

For bridal parties located on the west coast, driving may be the most adventurous way to head out for a Cabo San Lucas bachelorette party. If the party departs from San Diego, CA, the drive to Cabo takes about 16 hours, which can be split up over 2-3 days. Before making the journey, drivers and passengers need their passports and driver’s licenses, along with proof of car registration and a Mexico tourist auto insurance policy.

As with any road trip, safety is #1. The Transpeninsular Highway that runs through Baja is safe and patrolled, but drivers should familiarize themselves with Mexico’s road rules before hopping in the car. 

Paperwork can feel intimidating, but if you’re a road-tripper at heart, don’t let these requirements prevent you from hitting the road! Once your paperwork is finalized, you can plan for some off-road adventures (and tacos!) during the drive. 

While driving along the main highway to Cabo, parties can pause to go wine tasting in Ensenada or swim with sea lions in the Sea of Cortez. From tip to tip, this stunning peninsula has a little bit of everything for a brave bachelorette. 

By boat: 

There’s more than one way to cruise to Cabo! If you want to sit poolside before sitting beach-side at your destination, consider booking a cruise to the bachelorette party. This is perhaps the most luxurious way to travel to Cabo, but it may be feasible for smaller bridal parties who are willing to splurge on a curated cruise experience.

Some of the major cruise lines to Cabo include Royal Caribbean, Princess Cruises, and Carnival. Most cruises to Cabo depart from San Diego or Los Angeles areas. 

Cabo San Lucas Bachelorette Party

Getting around in Cabo San Lucas

Local cabs and taxis

True to its name, cabs are plentiful in Cabo. But beware: they’re not always cheap! From the main Tourist Corridor to downtown Cabo, cabs start around $15, and it can cost more than $70 to get from the airport to your accommodations. A few taxis are manageable on a standard budget, but those little trips add up! 

Pro-tip: Seasoned Cabo travelers recommend reserving a shuttle from the airport to your accommodations for ease of mind and wallet. Shuttle companies like Cabo Airport Shuttle, and Super Shuttle are easy to reserve online and make sure your transportation is all set before you’re at the airport.  

Local Bus

If money for taxis is tight, Cabo’s buses will save the day (and your feet). The local bus system is known as Subercabos; buses run along the tourist corridor between Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo, which is a neighboring town often described as a more laid back alternative to Cabo San Lucas. Unless you hop on the express line, buses will stop virtually anywhere. One ride costs less than $2.50 (but remember, you’ll want to have pesos on hand).

Rental Car

The freedom of a rental car is hard to beat. Before renting a car in Cabo, do your bachelorette homework and read reviews of local and international companies. Cabo travel experts recommend using Discover Cars to compare car rental prices. Look out for iffy reviews – and when you’re finally driving, watch out for cows on the road!

Rideshare Apps

Uber is an option in Cabo, with a few exceptions imposed by Cabo’s taxi union. Ubers can’t pick up passengers at the airport, so you’ll either need to take either a taxi or a shuttle to your hotel. Depending on where you stay, Ubers may not be able to pick up in front of certain resorts. Previous bachelorettes offer mixed reviews of Ubers in Cabo, so we’d recommend relying on other modes of travel whenever possible. 


Cabo is a city made for walking! Sturdy walking shoes – and your most comfortable walking heels – should be on every bachelorette party’s packing list. 


Walkers by day, limo-riders by night: it’s the perfect compromise for a budget-friendly bachelorette who wants (and deserves) the occasional splurge! Some popular local limo services include All Ways Cabo Transportation, Happy Transfers, and Baja Limousine Service

Cabo San Lucas is a great location for Bachelorette Party

Where to stay for Cabo San Lucas bachelorette party

Your crew has arrived, and you’re ready to chill in an air-conditioned hotel room before hitting the first party. Regardless of your budget, Cabo San Lucas offers a range of accommodations for frugal and fabulous bachelorettes.

While we’re featuring some of Cabo’s best resorts, some parties might prefer to find an AirBnB or another vacation rental home in Cabo. Ultimately, it depends on whether you envision a resort experience or a homey hideaway, which typically requires a rental car. There’s no wrong decision: it just depends on the bride and the vibe.

$: Budget-Friendly Options

Marina Fiesta Resort & Spa

This reasonably-priced resort boasts an unbeatable downtown location. The Marina Fiesta experience includes an onsite spa, three restaurants, outdoor pools, and a swim-up bar. It’s a favorite among families and bachelorette parties alike. For a party of 6, the spacious Presidential Suite starts at $590/night. 

Pueblo Bonito Rose Resort & Spa

If you’re planning a party for a bachelorette who loves luxury and Greek mythology (there has to be at least one!), this Greco-Roman resort is an obvious choice. Cabo lovers rave about the resort’s rose-tinted walls, exceptional service, private access to El Médano Beach, and towering statue of Neptune. The smallest junior suite sleeps four people and starts around $633 when booked through the resort website. This is a sweet promotional deal, so be sure to keep an eye on promotions!

Solmar Resort

Your bridal party will find everything they could want at Solmar Resort. Guests can taste the rich flavors of Baja without even leaving the resort: Solmar’s locally-sourced restaurants feature both Mexican cuisine and international favorites (read: sushi and pizza). Solmar also operates a convenient and free shuttle service throughout the day and evening, and is just a 10-minute walk from downtown Cabo San Lucas. There’s even a pool bar with a front-row view of the Pacific. A two-bedroom penthouse (with ocean view!) starts at $456.33 per night. This is an incredible deal through the resort’s fall sale, which ends soon: another reason to start planning!

$$: Mid-Tier Options

One&Only Palmilla

The One&Only Palmilla has earned its title. This legendary retreat center combines the charm of local Mexican culture with the luxury of resort life. One&Only Palmilla offers a variety of curated activities for active bridal parties: you can spend your days surfing, sailing, riding horses, or dining on sushi at the ocean-front Suviche Restaurant. Rooms with two queen beds start around $1,310 per night, so plan to purchase a few rooms for larger bachelorette parties. 

The Cape: A Thompson Hotel

Ready to surrender your soul to el sol? If the answer is yes, The Cape is the hotel for you and your bachelorette crew. This 5-star beachfront retreat center pulls out all the stops for a bride-to-be and her favorite people. Your reservation includes access to a rooftop lounge, a spa and fitness center, two private outdoor cabanas, and diverse culinary options for every appetite. And don’t forget the infinity pool: it’s the perfect spot for your bachelorette photo-op. Rooms start around $775 per night.

Bahia Hotel & Beach House

Described as an urban-style boutique hotel, Bahia is the definition of hip. The hotel’s most affordable rooms are chic yet uber-comfortable. After a long day, the bachelorette brigade can refuel with a beach-side meal at SUR Beach House, followed by an inventive cocktail at Bar Esquina. Bahia is close to the Sea of Cortez’s most swimmable shoreline, making it easy to pop in and out of the downtown action. A two-bedroom suite sleeps up to 6 people and starts at $795 per night. 

$$$: Splurge Options

Grand Velas Los Cabos

In the magical world of Cabo resorts, Grand Velas is perhaps the grandest of them all. Bachelorettes can bask in the glory of the resort’s gorgeous architecture and Mexican artwork. The suites are uniquely designed to bring the outdoors inside, so guests feel connected to the ocean air. Between brunch at sea, stargazing, and three infinity pools, your crew won’t need to travel far to check everything off the bachelorette bucket list. Rooms start around $1,041 per night. 

Montage Los Cabos

This stunning property blends natural beauty with authentic Mexican culture and is billed as an idyllic sanctuary on some of Cabo’s premier beachfront. The resort covers 39 acres and has some of the best swimming, snorkeling, and diving in the region. Rooms start around $1,400 per night. 

Beautiful beaches at Cabo San Lucas Bachelorette Party

Best Things to Do in Cabo San Lucas Bachelorette Party

In Cabo San Lucas, there are some must-dos and must-eats on every bachelorette’s party list. 

$: Budget-Friendly Options

Day Trip to San Jose del Cabo

The nearby town of San Jose del Cabo, or “Old Town,” is an elegant alternative to the Cabo party scene. Stroll through a plaza, explore secret courtyards, and window-shop after a lazy Sunday brunch. San José del Cabo is about 20 miles northeast of downtown Cabo San Lucas, so you’ll need to take a taxi, shuttle service, or rental car to get there. For our public transportation pals, note that local buses run between the two towns but may not follow a strict schedule. Even if the bus doesn’t depart on time, consider it part of the adventure! 

Beach Day!

Even after you arrive in Cabo, it’s hard to comprehend the sheer beauty of its beaches. Some international favorites include el Arco, or “the Arch”, Lovers Beach, and the hilariously-named Divorce Beach, which you may want to avoid during your bachelorette trip!

While we can’t guarantee a 100% secluded beach, quieter vibes can be found at Las Viudas, Playa Coral Negro, and Migriño. These secluded beaches offer the clear waters, soft sands, and napping-opps that your party needs before a night of bar-hopping.

Self-Guided Taco Tour

Cabo offers plenty of local food tours; but if you’d prefer to guide your own, simply follow your stomach. Cabo is the place to explore local cuisine on a budget. Authentic tacos and other local eats are usually inexpensive, so your party can try everything and support the local economy while eating some of the world’s tastiest tacos. Taco Guss in Boulevard Lazaro Cardenas is a local favorite that dishes up tacos until 4am; another fantastic option is Taqueria el Paisa, where tacos el pastor reigns supreme.

$$: Mid-Tier Options


When in Cabo San Lucas bachelorette party, it’s time to bar hop! This classic bachelorette activity is perfect for parties with a range of budgets. Not everyone has to drink or spend the same amount, but most will enjoy the unique ambiance of each of the bars on your list. Some tourist-tested favorites include Monkey Business, Nowhere Bar, and Slim’s Elbow Room, a.k.a. The World’s Smallest Bar. If the bachelorette wants the bar without the hopping, the crew can schedule a sunset cruise (with an open bar!) for about $57 per person.

Water Taxi 

A glass-bottomed water taxi gives large parties a clear view (literally) of Cabo’s crystalline waters and incredible marine life. Your guide will usually provide a brief history of the local waters and identify various fish species. Roger’s Glass Bottom Tours are highly recommended: their four main tours options include snorkeling and sightseeing at the Arch, a 3-hour “premium” tour, and even a private whale-watching tour. 

Whale watching at Cabo San Lucas Bachelorette Party

Flora Farms

For a friend group of foodies, Flora Farms should be #1 on your list of bachelorette party ideas. This 25-acre working farm is tucked in the foothills of the Sierra de la Laguna Mountains, just north of San Jose del Cabo. 

Visit for the free tours, the rustic beauty, the spa, and the food. The farm-to-table offerings are seasonal with a few permanent classics, and guests dine with live music and rolling hills in the background. Be sure to make a reservation, and don’t skip out on the Bloody Mary!

$$$: Splurge Options

El Farallon at the Waldorf Astoria Pedregal Resort 

If you want to schedule at least one fancy dining experience during your trip to Cabo San Lucas, El Farallon is one of the most celebrated dining experiences in the region. While you’re savoring world-class seafood and inventive takes on traditional Mexican cuisine, you’ll hear the waves of the Pacific Ocean crashing below. Diners can expect to pay around $80 to $155 each. 

Sunset watching Cabo San Lucas Bachelorette Party

Book a Yacht

Forget the water taxi: when in Cabo, you can book a yacht! For an upscale sailing experience, check out Get My Boat, which is essentially the AirBnB of boat rentals. There are hundreds of lavish yacht rentals offered by both private owners and established local companies, such as Cabo Villas and Cabo Platinum. Depending on the servicer, yacht prices can range from $100/hour to $450/hour. 

Top Tips and What to Avoid 

You’re almost ready for your Cabo journey! Before finalizing your list of bachelorette party ideas, here are some do’s – and don’ts – to ensure a safe and successful trip. 


  • Support locally-owned restaurants and tour operators as much as possible!
  • Bring biodegradable sunscreen! The Cabo sun is no joke and no one wants to start the trip with a sunburn.
  • Spend plenty of time thinking about how you want to travel around town. A combo of buses, walking, and the occasional taxi or Uber may be the best option for a budget-friendly trip.


  • Taxi directly from the airport, if possible! Reserving a shuttle beforehand is an easy, low-stress way to save money. 
  • Exchange your money before arriving; you’ll usually get a better exchange rate in Mexico.
  • Save planning for the last minute! Your Cabo San Lucas bachelorette party will be a blast, and planning with your crew is part of the joy. Take the time you need to plan this taco-filled trip of a lifetime. 

We hope you enjoy your time in Cabo San Lucas! Make sure to check out our other resources and guides, including Nashville, Austin, Miami, Palm Springs, or New Orleans and tag @BDR on Instagram!