7 Awesome Bachelorette Party Questions for New Comers and Simple Answers

Getting invited to your first bachelorette party is exciting, but it can also be a bit stressful. Who will be there? What is expected of you? What are you supposed to bring? Are you supposed to plan something?  Are there rules for this?

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Rest assured, we have you covered! In this article, we’ll go over the top 7 questions about attending your first bachelorette party so you can get your feet on the ground and enjoy the party!

The BachDoneRight Bachelorette Party Questions will help a first-timer plan an epic bachelorette party.

What is a bachelorette party?

A bachelorette party is a pre-wedding celebration for the bride-to-be, marking her last few days as a single woman. It is both a traditional and modern social event that represents new beginnings, friendship, and support for the future bride. 

It’s typically an event that includes the bride-to-be, her closest friends, and perhaps close family members as well. Typically, the groom is not involved in the bachelorette party. 

What is a bachelorette party

Who throws a bachelorette party?

Traditionally, organizing the bachelorette party is one of the Maid of Honor’s tasks (MOH). Bridesmaids may also be involved in the planning, if requested by the MOH. 

If you’re the MOH, you’ll know the bride better than most of her friends so you can tailor this memorable event to suit her preference and style. The bride may leave all the details and preparations to you, or she may want to help shape the event to be what she has in mind. 

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If you’re attending a bachelorette party as a guest (not a bridesmaid or MOH), you don’t have to worry about all the behind-the-scenes preparations. Your only goals are to be present, enjoy your time at the party, and celebrate the bride. Pro tip: Once you’re at the event, make sure to participate in the activities, socialize, thank the bride and her squad for the invitation, and give a genuine compliment for a party well put together.

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Who throws a bachelorette party?

When do you throw a bachelorette party?

Once there is a date set for the wedding, the MOH will begin planning the bachelorette party. 

Typically the bachelorette party is usually thrown 1-2 months before the wedding. Invites for the bachelorette party should be sent at least four weeks before the event to give guests ample time to respond and plan on attending. 

The bachelorette party can also be held closer to the wedding date for the benefit of traveling guests to make arrangements for extra days off so they can attend both the bachelorette party and the wedding. For example, if it’s a destination wedding, it’s not unusual to add a few days to the beginning of the trip for certain guests to come in for a bachelorette party just before the wedding. 

When do you throw a bachelorette party

Where and for how long do you hold a bachelorette party?

There is no wrong answer here! A bachelorette party can be whatever feels best for the bride and close friends. 

A bachelorette party could be celebrated for a few hours at a single venue, or could stretch for a couple of days either in the bride’s hometown or somewhere the bride has always wanted to go. 

bachelorette party questions beach theme

One day or night only

This type of bachelorette party typically lasts 3-5 hours, but can be extended especially if everyone is having a blast! This could be a daytime event (a brunch, lunch, or activity like a daytime hike or cruise), or a nighttime event (a decadent dinner, or a themed night out full of dancing). 

Weekend trip

A weekend getaway (typically Thursday or Friday through Sunday) typically takes place at a destination location outside of the bride’s hometown, and may be the most common bachelorette party format. It gives ample time for the group to get together, have a great time, and celebrate the bride!

The bride will likely decide where the party will be hosted. She might want to spend it checking off her food-lover bucket list in Savannah, having a private pool party in Palm Springs, or enjoying the music scene in Austin.

Week-long event

This is less common, but a bachelorette party can also be a weeklong event, likely in a destination location. These types of events typically come with a larger price tag (more days!), and can often also be with a larger group of guests.

If you’re considering a weeklong event, check out the gorgeous aesthetic of the Rockies for a winter bachelorette party, or the beautiful sunsets of Costa Rica for a tropical getaway. 

What do people normally do at a bachelorette party?

The location of the bachelorette party often determines the activities you’ll be taking part in. You might find yourself wine-tasting in Napa, hiking in Colorado, or taking a sunset cruise in Miami!

There are also a few traditional activities that take place at bachelorette parties.

It’s very likely you’ll end up playing some games at the bachelorette party! These could be regular games (like card games or board games), drinking games (make sure you’re being responsible), or bachelorette-specific games. 

Bachelorette games might include a panty party (some fun gifts for the bride!), a trivia or quiz game testing the bride and groom, a ring hunt, and more!

Overall, the goal is to have a good time, celebrate the bride, and make great memories!

bachelorette party questions boho

Should I bring a gift to a bachelorette party?

Traditionally, guests are expected to bring a gift for the bride at the bachelorette party. That said, it’s becoming a bit less common as guests are expected to attend the party, pay for their travel, accommodations, and then also cover the cost of the bride at the party. It’s a lot and your attendance at the party is a gift in itself!

You will often see a themed night (perhaps a game night) where each guest contributes to something. This could be a panty party, where each guest brings a type of lingerie as a gift for the bride, or it could be something more sentimental, where guests contribute to a scrapbook or bring something that really tells the bride how special she is to you.  

If you are looking to bring a gift for the bride, getting her something simple and thoughtful such as a bottle of champagne, bouquet of flowers, or spa gift card is a lovely way to spoil her and make her feel special.

You can also pitch in with other guests to surprise the bride with something personal at her bachelorette party. It can be a romantic getaway for the bride and groom, the appearance of an unexpected guest, or a personalized gift such as video clips of her childhood, a song specially recorded for her, or handwritten messages from family and friends.

bachelorette party questions masked women

What do I wear to a bachelorette party?

The attire for a bachelorette party depends on the venue, theme, weather, and dress code specified in the invitation. However, there are a few general style rules that you can use to guide you in choosing your outfit.

Check out our bachelorette party outfit guide to get into all the details! A few things to keep in mind:

  • Lean in to the theme! If it’s a themed party, this is the time to go all out! 
  • Consider what the bride is wearing. Is the group doing a coordinated outfit for a night out? Check with the MOH if you’re not sure and make sure your outfit fits with the plan. 
  • Check the itinerary. Are you going to be hiking? Swimming? Skiing? Make sure to pack clothes that are fitting for those activities!
bachelorette party questions girls in dresses

Bachelorette Party Questions all answered… Time to Get Ready!

Hopefully we’ve covered a few of your top questions for attending your first bachelorette party and you’re ready to go! Feel free to explore our other guides, ranging from choosing the best theme, city guides for popular destinations, and guides on what to expect. 

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